Monday, April 24, 2006

Desert mouse

Two for joy. Having kids/dogs in pairs. The brother, my sole fellow offspring to our parents. There he is spitting sand in some desert storm, firing away. Curious, amusing mental picture he makes. And I doubt it has all that much to do with the allegedly elusive power of imagination.
Conjuring up similarities to Tintin's read in other cantonments when the two of us were kiddies still. Wellington. Captain Haddock. Red sea sharks, camels and oasis; the good life!
Precious sibling, atop the burning surface of an armoured tank, black patka on head, and swimming goggles -- his makeshift aviators; no luxury of sunscreen -- it's oily, sweat will mingle. His resilient hide, the tan brown sort.

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Jack said...

yor blog is cool man. keep i up. you guys rule the web.