Sunday, December 31, 2006

It's a hap-hap-happy new year

But for the pointless resolutions, and the extended foggy-party decadence. It's all the same, and a one page turn on a new calendar will not matter three days from that flip. The season stays the same, lifestyles don't alter. What gets the goat up will continue to, bad photographers aren't going to improve, neither will frequent pissed-off-ness ever really truly get in the way of hardened friendships. Efforts in other relationships meanwhile, will remain half baked till there's a lack of honest want, so that convenience always wins. Some moments will still stand out in their nonpareil loveliness, and that bubble won't go phat just yet. Places under the sun to be wiggled out this year -- and moulded to suit, misfit degrees to be may-as-well picked up, and a whole lot of nagging To-Do points scored out so that some sort of mind-peace filters through intermittently. The link with independence, though subconscious endeavour, perhaps -- to not lose the precious childishness in the daft pursuit of what's perceived Grown Up.

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