Sunday, April 08, 2007

Priya in the drain, so far down.

For everything that is wrong with Orkut -- the intrusiveness, and too much freedom sanctioned to (pardon me) the buffoon Monty-Vicki types to issue "testimonials" made up entirely of abused asterisks in forming cockeyed hearts, ugly bears, oddly winged angels, and big bold wordy declarations of FRIEND, COOL, and SEXY -- there is also something pretty bad happening at that once yo-so-hep, now degenerate dump that is Priya.

Where on Orkut there are too many 'cool dudes' with cool cell phone-camera snapped pictures -- of their own protruding jaw lines, wearing cool black sun-shades -- on the one common be all end all quest: of having more women than men on their 'friends' list, Priya is equally cluttered with cows, cow dung, parking corruption, and gum chewing coloured-hair coolio vermin of both sexes. So much for Pirsig's Metaphysic's of Quality. Obviously the MCD, and Google giants have some reading and introspection to catch up on.

Priya has magically transformed from Yuppie in 2001 to Present Day Shady. Ten years ago, going to Modern Bazaar in the pre-pre-PRE fire gut days, was an outing part enjoyed. Of course I was little then, but not nearly minute enough to not remember that Nirula's used to be in the front, and the Hot Chocolate Fudge was then not overrated, not overpriced; their pineapple pastries used to have a more generous wedge of the tinned fruit -- broadly sliced and seated atop the fluffy white gorge.

All that is now a thing of the past. Under saving graces besides TGIF, and the book basement OM, comes Chocloat, the cute little (no longer new) eatery with nice lighting and pleasant interiors. Although their menu needs a slight revamp, and the staff uniforms most definitely so; any man made to wear Peach day in and day out is my target of sympathy

The crowd in the complex is creepy, especially towards the rear; men in wolf packs park their bikes in shady gullies close to the poorly maintained park, and exchange little zipped bags. The wheeling dealing gets worse at night. The place turns into an easy pick-up spot, while street lighting remains uneven. It's a pity. The place has potential. One way traffic, more cops, more greenery, cow control, and age regulations clamped on pubs to not let the baccha party gyrate to loud punju music in the middle of the afternoon, and stumble down high and zonked by late afternoon, would be a great start.


Dushy said...

Quite agree with you, the traffic jams narrow lanes and the instinct to survive comes to surface in areas like these. Delhi requires lot of patience.

sushant said...

everybody on orkut it seems is a great friend , is cool ( some are kewl ) and is sexy.

cant say about priya.

IR said...

nirulas hot chocolate was over priced but not over rated, pity it is closing dows

BLogographos said...

time for another?

xqxno said...

ok, apologies for the excessive commenting, the *excitement* is it? when apparently, people share lives got the better of me. just priya is only my backyard.

ok i'm done with the commenting on year old posts.