Sunday, June 03, 2007

Movie mores

Movie theatres are starting to get the hang of temperature control. I like that. I no longer find that I have to wear full sleeves in preparation for a three hour freezathon. I went for Cheeni Kum today wearing a 3/4th sleeve only to recall that I saw Shootout.. last week, sleeveless and regret free. Two different halls, that too. Much appreciated, this temperature kindness.

Shootout was gory, loud and monotonous. Cheeni Kum -- even though I knew the whole story, front to back, head to toe, before this evening (when I watched it) -- wasn't bad. I liked that it was ordinary, and not over the top. Nicely refrained. No major gana bajana. In fact the Jhoom Barabar.. trailer in the interval was jarring. Anyhow. So there's one blood-cancer struck child in the film who eventually dies, but while alive, responds to the name Sexy. That's jarring too, but perhaps only because only I seemed to think that it would have been fun, and nicely dark-humoured if they'd gone with calling her jeevan instead. Heh.

But back to the film. Easy, sweetly offbeat, non-mushy, and thankfully lacking in long, righteous monologues. Can't rely on newspaper movie reviewers though anymore, seeing as how many of them gave a a major thumbs up to that God-awful Rang De Basanti. And while one was still working with the ol' paper, a friend-first-then-colleague actually raved about the damn thing in print, thus confusing, influencing, and further intoxicating the masses of the high rubbish content that that very bad film so evidently possessed!
Dark days those were. Oh but our old boss was mentioned in a much esteemed editorial today, and we -- the old gang -- are all very happy about all the positive publicity, byline hungry dogs at heart, that we all are, even though the article has absolutely nothing to do with any of us.

This isn't a review so no point sticking to just the movie. But is it me or are hindi movies becoming more blase about sex? All very new-age, progressive etc, but there is a but, of which I'm not quite sure. The need to mention it repeatedly is probably that but. But then again, maybe if I weren't watching the movie with memmy-deddy, everything wouldn't be so squirmy-squirmy. Tsk tsk.


Yohan said...

Yep. Memmy-daddy can make even the most remotely sexual content into torture! Especially when they don't say anything. Hee hee.

So I take it Cheeni Kum is not like one of those "offbeat" Rahul Bose movies. I despise those.

Nimpipi said...

Oh yea, silence not quite so golden with parents.
Caught snatches of Rahul Bose movie last night. 15 Park Avenue. Depressing film, overrated actor. To say nothing of him looking like a chipmunk.

Yohan said...

Hee hee. I agree. Bong chipmunk with delusions of grandeur.