Friday, June 15, 2007

Home and Away

Nothing pleases the senses all at once quite the way a fridge at home does. This realisation dawns best when a little distance has been lent to confirm such a sneaky hypothesis. Every water bottle has been drunk from the mouth, the fruits are the preferred ones, and there is always a snack to be had, even if it means gobbling down lunch leftovers, or having, well, breakfast stuff for dinner. After the 'nothing beats ma ka pyar', has to come the love of a nurturing fridge. It's nice to see the magnets on it too. Fridge, plates, bathrooms, and finally bed linen. The royal order of domestic priorities. Who am I kidding about moving out; I love home, I love the yogurt at home, and I love that we staple the morning papers for the sake of convenience, ( for the next reader as well.)
Genetics gives birth to confusing mind games at times, but right now, I can't think of a single reason why I would want to be anywhere else. If we still had dogs, and the world, more literally at my feet, I might never step out again.


Yohan said...

Hmm. Perhaps I need to stock my fridge! And get magnets...

You're still in Bombay?

I love it when 'they' staple the newspaper. (We never did it ourselves, lazy folk that we are.) In the College libary we had this long stick-like thing with a string on it - did the job of holding the paper together pretty well.

sushant said...

couldn't agree more. one can always find something good to eat in the fridge at home, and one realises its worth after being away for a few days.

wvlxkuilprz was the word verification.

Nimpipi said...

Nope Yohan, not still Bombay, came scurrying back y'day; the weather, the dead fish stench, dwindling monies..; super theme for next post!

And yep, I know your college library 'holding it all together' woody thing you're talking about.
Stephen's: A brilliant institute at just so many levels:)

Sushant: make your peace with the word verification, it helps sleep at night:)

Yohan said...'s your brother doing? Give him a "pip pip cheerio" from me!