Friday, December 07, 2007

Dick Whittington and his calamari

I moved out of my flat today. Bag and baggage baby, bag. and. baggage. 17 in total. I had moved into the house with 4. But that was August and my plants have since multiplied.

Trigger for movement, besides the expiring lease, was that my now ex-flatmate is soon to be my new boss.There's comedy in details. Skipping which, I am now out of that house.

I swept the place after having pushed all 17 pieces out of my teeny room. That's a precious trait, I remember thinking..there I was, little conscientious me, knees on the floor, jeans rolled up, and peering under the bed to gather more sundry dirt and loose hair strands. Like rewinding a cassette before returning it to the video library guy in the days of yore and my VCR. (heh, pun)

Stepping back, trust someone in frikkin Lajpat Nagar to shout out to my Assamese friend: "Dekho dekho chhota chink"!
So this chhota chink came calling. To Bombay. And we sat at Marine Drive and had brownies and coffee that was too sweet. The chai (/coffee) walla told us not to throw the cups on the road. Toss them in the ocean instead.

After which we went and got Beer. I like Corona. And that other one in the same brownish bottle. Buzzes faster, saves calories. (I'm entitled to my logic). It came with free monkey nuts, and cheese-lings. Took snaps of spelling errors on the menus. Like in Goa, 'Bloody Marry'. And 'cooked at the right temperament'.

About Goa: we went in a bus. Two days, one night. Ho hum. Save for spotting a hawk, swimming in the Arabian, my impromptu bikini wearing decision and the magic hookah. The bikini was lovely. I'd upload snaps but good-safe girl mentality can be very restricting. Rain check though. So, yep, "magic hookah": mint complementing the magic. Lots of drift, oozy vapour. And someone craved for reggae.

(Is it only me whose texting skills turn bizarrely articulate after herby whiffs..?)

There was also really good mint tea. And a large rawas (fish) whose dead fins we happily poked at. It was subsequently cooked and devoured with a vengeance. The calamari (rubbery squid) sucked. As did the company of colleagues. And I don't even have a tan to balance that out with.

Aside: The linguists and I went to Kinnaur last year and I finally wrote about it for the paper. I'll just put it up on a separate post.


Yohan said...

Ooh. Hookah, bikinis, linguists...sounds like fun.

Herby whiffs? Depends on the herb.

Perakath said...

Go for the bikini pic, I say. If I had a pic of me in a bikini, I'd put it up.

This is the first time I've heard of a disappointing Goa trip...

Nimpipi said...

The herb was one of the sativa sisters.. i think. (more a conceptual doubt than memory lapse)

and you, i can't put it up ya, peobles will joom in and do sick things. or so dictates my middle class mentality. of course to defy it, one still might. (lowly gimmick to lure blogger traffic thisaway:)

Perakath said...

aw, you read my blog. and liked it. new post alert!

fuzz out your head and put it up.

where are you living right now? some gutter, no doubt...

IR said...

hi thanks for dropping by
nice post,

"And 'cooked at the right temperament' "- maybe its a compliment to the chef ( or the wife/spouse of the chef )

Anonymous said...

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