Sunday, February 24, 2008

Friend, woman, buttercup!

The love of my life -- or one of the many ( sorry, you! and you..=) -- has chosen to go public, and be no more a closet blogger. Yaaay! This I learnt at 3 am today when Schizosalad aka Mayonnaise Toss called. Didn't snap or nothing for being woken, mostly because one was up anyway. So, blah blah, I love this woman to teeny tiny pieces, obvious blog roll addition. This, what follows, should constitute a fitting ode to our janam-janam ka rishta. We don't want to get too weepy..

And so, besides love, fraanship, and other maudlin crap, I'm also a fan of her raa-thur dramatic persona. We're both September births. We love Indian-isms, and often exaggerate, and employ poor pronunciation with other filmi lingo-tactics to tickle ourselves. We've also both reached the conclusion that the other is the most slutty person she and I know -- that, based more on each of our 'tendencies' than what we actually.. do.

Like all good girls, we love good clothes. She has more of a thing for shoes, and I don't wear red half as much, but we're both Carrie Bradshaw on Facebook. She's hugely creative. Watch her -- oh but you can't -- click and smooth-pixel her way around photoshop; how often has this woman de-flawed my far-from-perfect skin, and made me look soft and delectable in shades of sepia, as also black and white! She gives me goose pimples, and we will get a room, yes. But, for her photo skills, I have nothing but deep respect. I want to someday buy her a fancy SLR, and have her shoot my portfolio, us both being vain suckers for yellow light.

She takes literature and music seriously (go skim through the bit about Plath and her damn Beetles poster ). She nurses a thing for obscure farty flms, and the little elf has caterpillar-butterflied into being quite the thinking man(?)'s hottie! Please to be shooing off to read poetic goddess rant and ponder on. Links everywhere.

(Flying kissies for you, my indispensable sweetness! Write more often; our fleeting lives, lets keep tabs -- till philandering brings us but nearer! )


Mayonnaise Toss said...

*tears in my eyes
butterflies in the sky
oh my buttercup butter
you make my heart go flutter flutter*

being talked about was never this fun.mostly its the bitching that has happened.this is so lovely.i love you so,priye gorgeous dahlin' nimps!

mistercrowley said...

hello, what's this? yet another template switch? :) This one's certainly much nicer than the last one

a fan apart said...

That's a fantastic photograph. Its by a guy called Elliott Erwitt. I remember the snap from a New Yorker article i read. Interestingly, it was about the Leica, the camera he took it with. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but the article was pretty interesting -

Nimpipi said...

MT: yea yea yea, get cracking on the header!

MC: haan, it is better na, but i've been told it isn't quite feminine enough.. for my personality etc. heh. more changes likely.

fan apart: yup, I know. My favourite Erwitt. Seemed a lil vain to put up other fav; the Monroe snap.

Mayonnaise Toss said...

you want a feminine header!!! and why wasnt this specified in the "template brief"? why, i ask! why why?

yes darlin' gorgeous dost - shall get cracking on the header. i think if i ever go professional with this header making stuff, im getting enough "client behavioural" practice from you! and no, i am not complaining. :D

give me the weekend. and tell me EXACTLY what you want. i like doing these photoshoppy things for you. you're my fav subject - wait till i get a digital SLR - its something that is coming out of my savings!

p.s send me a photo of yours that i can play around with and include in the updated header!


mistercrowley said...

the marine drive-type pic in your header's really neat....