Monday, March 17, 2008

Sweet Sunday luuuhrve!

I don't have no weekends, sweetums, the Sunday stood out still. Gymkhana lunch with the boy and his friends -- James and the ford gang. Lots of fun. Lots of earnest ignorance: what the fuck is marmite dude?, besides Chinese buffet, and Chinese tea, and killer fried lotus stem.

I wanted to have dessert. There was ice cream and fritters but ooh, a second dessert! And I wanted it to be kulfi. I'm on a kulfi trip, now that summer is here. Every day at work, I appease palate, and nourish thighs by going to the redi-wala downstairs to buy one kewri-kulfi for ten bucks.

But back to my fun Sunday. Allergic to Khan and lutyens, we went to Chandni Chowk. Four boys and a girl. To relive Rang De Basanti, as the joke went. Acting completely up-startish in our we're-from-South-Delhi-mentality, it had to happen -- I got my butt pinched. While bargaining for neem sticks ( for the love of ayurved and natural toothbrushes) at that. One for two bucks. Boy laughed. We were having such a foolishly good time.

One, of the ford gang wanted to buy his girl mithai, so we went around halwais examining names and prices of desi ghee appetisers.
Still on my kulfi trip, I said I wouldn't eat from this safe-reputed place, it wasn't adventurous enough. Smart ass friend 2, still more earnest: ek kaam kartein hain, kulfi ko tu naali mein rakh de thodi der...

More hysterical shrieking, that was coming very easily. We could've been in Kanpur. The heat, flies, cows, people, but us stupid rich kids were having a fun afternoon.

Red Fort. We just waited outside, making crass jokes, wondering what emperors were like. I'd love to script write for a movie. Five in an auto went on to North Campus. One with the driver, three at the back, two feeling each other up. Further two mimicking. Cigarette ash ruining the ONE healthy head of hair.

More Sunday shopping. No bras this time. My critical feedback held dumb boys in good stead. Most looked handsome, one looked pained. Bantas popped, shops raided, college corridors romanced, chivalry at its best, and the jokes were still coming.


jesse james said...

if only we were caught in a gun fight you would have seen how fast jesse and the boys are...
jesse also loves lucy van pelt
a love affair across time and regardless of age:)

Nimpipi said...

hahahaahaha :D

yea yea I love lucy too, shall work on acquiring a taste for westerns.

Just call you Jess?:)

Y said...

Ah, kulfi. I used to have it almost every day in summer, near Kingsway Camp. Somehow the fancy-shmancy restaurants can't make what those chappies on cycles make.

Mayonnaise Toss said...

your sunday was better than mine.
colaba mein kulfi nahin milte. i like the ones with pista bits on them.
summer is here.mumbai ki garmi. heat.muck.sweat. skin shall deteriorate and i shall kill myself.

mistercrowley said...

hah....was wondering when the next template change would trundle around ;)

Baskinimpip Robbins - 31 Flavours of Templates

Nimpipi said...

Y: yup, those cycle chappies are god's gift to mankind. th emore malai the tastier the kulfi..already watering mouth.

Mayo ji: when u come to dilli next month, we shall do pandara road, sundar nagar kulfi outing. Yaay. fun sunday shall be had, i pwomise!

MC: ok, this is a decent template right? good. it stays. for a bit. till fickle minds change. again.

nri said...

found you didnt i

nri said...

ok here goes second time I found youuuu