Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Driver, gaadi lao!

I've bought a new car and it should show up on my driveway later this week. For lack of choice, I’ve settled on a colour called wine red, but it’s actually a pretty regular maroon. If you spot a better colour, tell me. It’s not a sports car, so no yellow; it isn’t a merc either, so black is out. The shade of red they offer is just a bit too tart–like. Caribbean blue sounded promising, but I no like. And the lack of colour in these nail-polish type names they have (pearl silver) bores me. They look ancient, dull, and common. So wine red it is. I’ll put up a picture or something. Or maybe stick to offering mithai to parking lot attendants.

In other matters, I’m hooked on to Prison Break. I saw nine episodes at a stretch two days ago-- season two. Eight cons broken out of Fox River prison. Lincoln Burrows, on death row for the murder of Terrence – brother of Caroline the President of the United States. Terrence, in reality, before he shoots himself, was locked up in a solitary bungalow somewhere in Montana. Linc’s brother, Michael, is the mastermind and a once super cute architect. Exciting stuff. I’ve got dialogues and jail blueprints swimming through my head. That’s one mangy lookin’ paw ye got there, Slimy. Says bad cop to clever pedophile con who keeps smacking his lips when he sees little girls. Of course, viewer discretion is advised.

Remember the days of Star Movies when they had a two-digit figure near the logo to indicate at what ages the movie is ok to be watched by innocent bachas? Yes, so same for Prison Break. Twelve might be a good age to know about homicide.

Back to car, I might be more excited about it once I smell the insides and know they’re new. I’d rip off the plastic wrap immediately. Upholstery could wait till next month’s salary, but I could add a CD player at once, or I could let summer wear out the tapes first. Alanis lies undamaged in the glove compartment, Streets of Philadelphia and Lauryn Hill could be re-heard; All Time Greatest Movie Songs - I want to spend my lifetime loving you. Tina Arena and Mask of Zorro. At the beginning of which are sounds of Church bell gongs, swords being drawn and accelerated horse hooves.

I could get something to dangle on that rear view mirror peg; a friendly little dragon called Nessie, perhaps? We used to have teeny boxing gloves hanging on the old amby. Nothing thereafter, nothing on the white van -- that ugly breadbox with jammed rear doors, the horn of which was distinct, and you had to thumb two bleepy buttons that looked like grey Kit Kat wedges to hear it.

I improved my raw driving skills on that van. Successfully navigating the Dhaula Kuan roundabout was an accomplishment early on in first year college, the occasional times I’d drop myself to the U-special stop, and a kind parent would drive it back. Now of course, I just fly over because no roundabout remains. I’d miss my sturdy diesel engine, but new car is new car. It’ll make me go slowly over speed breaker for the first few weeks. And I’ll mourn the first scratch, and tell every friend who sits in it for the first time to say something token nice. I’ll even remember the license plate number, maybe feed it into phone book under N Car or something. And if I lived in a whiz-tech-gadgetry type movie, I could have my license plate on speed dial and if anyone tried to steal it, sirens could dance wildly, alarms would go off, my cell could ring, and I would be in the know. How cool!

I’m telling you, watch Prison Break.


Jesse said...

First service after the first month or 1000 KM's whatever happens first, Dont buy a key chain yet:)

El said...

alanis *hops, skips, jumps* w3d.

badhai ho and all that, new cars are fun but old cars are funner(?)!

and watching and TV show in a row is just awesome fun, you can never go back to just one episode a week..

Perakath said...

Look at your detail in the paragraph on Prison Break... the first time I ever skimmed a few lines! :P

Finally went with a new one eh... w00t! Won't the parking attendant be thrown..

Nimpipi said...

j: sweet, get me a woodstock key chain. Or is it called a key ring in aemrika?:)

el: thaenk yew, but i don't know about old cars being funner. breakdowns and push starting can only entertain so much.

per: *gasp* you skimmed?! haw :'(

but at least you found a(nother) first.. :)
why would i throw parking attendant? WHERE would i thr..??! or wha..?? Did u just stop typing midsentence??!

mistercrowley said...

The new Alanis record sucks....she sounds like she's been breathing helium ;P

Perakath said...

Hehe.. twue, a(nother)! I meant that the keyring-holding valet will be surprised when you toss him the keys to your newer yet smaller car. And anonymous note-leavers will be quite befuddled...

Perakath said...
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mistercrowley said...

So, how long before this one goes "Ghoooeeeee" at red lights? ;D

Mayonnaise Toss said...

i like the bright red one.i like red in small cars.and in convertibles.

no Ghoooeeee on this one waiting for Nimpipi to take me to gurgaon again-broad shimmery roads in nayi naveli gaddi! yay!

N: what wud u like as your car-warming gift? fun cushions to stash at the back? cds? a hangy wangy thing? thanda paani rakhne wala thermos? bolo?

mistercrowley said...

Speaking of cushions...I've always wondered why Honda gives away those god-ugly frilly cushions with their cars...nobody ever uses them anyway :P

siropdevanille said...

Congratulations! :) Red is niiicccee! Hehe!

Mayonnaise Toss said...

just FYI crowley - IF i were to at all give cushions,they wouldnt be the "god-ugly frilly" ones that Honda gives as freebies-they'd probably be the retro=deewar-print types or stuff with Tarantino's characters! dont you underestimate my "gifted" taste okay!
ya, so Nimps-say what say what!

mistercrowley said...

Oho. What did I ever say about your, er, gifted taste? :P

Nimpipi said...

this is why i should moderate the both of your lame ass duel-ly comments. or stop blogging altogether. sigh.

But no presents, thank you kindly, ladykins. Retro deewar-tarantino cocktail cushions sound like a lot of fun, and I trust your taste. but maybe i could wait for you to get here, then we could add a siren, get challaned and laugh our worries away. :)

Oh, and Sirop: i've changed mind about colour. maroon seemed bleah. silver it is. will try and funk up the upholstry though, add polka dots, or like mayo was saying... all subject to balance balance, considering the car sized hole in paakit abhi. *rattles katori for alms*

mistercrowley said...

Pip. Who gives cheapie car loans?
Pliss to inform. I'm also looking to buy new wheels

IR said...

congratulations on the car,will it have a ribbon on the bonnet ( to tell the world it is new) ?

nice background

siropdevanille said...

Hehe... Silver it is then! Can I sit in the car with the sirens blaring! Please please!

Oh... you are on ze blogroll now. Just thought I'd let you know.

Mayonnaise Toss said...

dont you dare stop blogging... nooooo!! in my very dukhi life, you are a ray of hope and joy *gestures with hand on forehead dramatically*!

acha,let me decide it then... ab car-warming gift toh hona hee hai...considering how much time i forsee myself spending in it with thee! :D

Nimpipi said...

Crow: i know nothing about car loans. how is mine financed-- half savings, half 'my dad is an atm'. And alto's are pretty bottom rung anyway. But if you're planning second hand, stop by one of those Maruti True Value places.

IR: heh. thanks. but no ribbon. Everyone who i want to know abt the new gaddi will/ does already know. =)
the background is a result of pleanty sweat and toil! 'appreciated.

sirop: honoured. aao aao. when siren comes, all are welcome!

mayo: hahaha, cyber wife, give me whatever ya, dangling bhonpus will also do. i foresee us doing a desi thelma and louise in my new flying machine. c'mon now! :D

Miss P said...

yay! new non-noisy gaddi! what fun!

get vinatge alanis. i agree with crowley - newer alanis albums no good!!

get yourself Jagegd Little Pill. Then, when youre stuck in a trafic jam, you can sing 'Ironic' -- "...a traffic jam, when youre already late..." and then you can ponder over how nothing in that song is actually truly remotely ironic.


chandni said...


now treat me to cheesecake!

Nimpipi said...

miss p: (i'm gng to say Pix, next time on. Or marple, this name is not happening.) haan so, i should clarify: i wasn't listening to new alanis. under rug swept is what lies in the glove comp. yay! haze cleared:) i like that bit about weddign and rain, adn fork and knives. hell, i liekt hat whole song, don't care whether it actually is ironic.

chandni: shukriya. and sure thing, pick a place.

churningthewordmill said...

congrats on the new car! how about one of the silvers or the black?