Tuesday, July 08, 2008

After you

How do you think you'll die?

I don't know, 'haven't thought about it. You?

Unflinching: Assassinated. For sure.

What rubbish, who's going to assassinate you. You're just too much in love with Benazir.

No, it's not that. Getting bumped off may not be painless, but it'll be quick.

So will drowning. Odd litre in your lung, some desperate gasping, and you're gone. But you know what, I just saw Meredith struggle last night on Grey's, and water in lungs doesn't sound like a very happy situation. Terrible episode by the way.



I could commit suicide. What say?

I don't know.

What, too cowardly?

No.. I'm sure you could, but unsettled soul and all that. Aatma bhadke gi.

Haan.. woh toh hai. So then, car crash? Lodhi road, drunk driving, another one bites the dust?

Maybe. Who knows.

Or I could go like Diana.

Ooh chased by the pap, yes. I like!

..Making headlines in my last moment of glory!

Hee hee

Hee hee

Settled. You get assassinated, I'll go like Diana. If we get bumped off 'the same day, sigh, well then cheers to fatal coincidences and timely friendships. We'll just slug it out over who gets more newsprint.


Han said...

Weird. I had just read an NYT article on suicide when I saw your post.

I read somewhere that women are more likely to commit suicide than men. It's one of the most painful ways to die apparently. Makes one ponder.

Han said...

Sorry....I mean women are more likely to try to drown themselves. Virginia Woolf did it, at any rate.

S Vardhan said...

Verbatim Nimpipi, verbatim! ... never knew you retained as much as intently! For all the couldn't-be-bothered-to-give-a-ghost-of-a-dyamn-ohho-my-mascara-is-smudging smarminess, you're bloody observant ;-)

Nimpipi said...

han: reading that article now. she actually walked into the river with stones weighing down her pockets -- Woolf, or is that the only bit of that Nicole Kidman movie I remember? ponder and shudder, both.

V: I think I left out that bit about ventilator switches, but thank yew love, yours are the nicest comments:)
Although speakign of observant, whats with the weird tab enter mid sentence??

El said...


but I personally was all for the floating in space death, you know like in contact(carl sagan)? he ejects himself out of the spaceship or some such and just hangs out in space for a while.

that's the only way I'm leaving.

mistercrowley said...

Ha. I can just picture you having this convo with Little Miss Starry-eyes :P

I know how I'm gonna die. Under the wheels of a Mother Dairy truck, that's how.

Nimpipi said...

yo, crow!: who man, this little starry eyes creature you allude to?

mistercrowley said...

er...STARRY EYES...ya know...you came a-visiting my office with her?

Nimpipi said...

I get it now. But why would you think I had this conversation with her-her? Because I didn't. I swear. So there. You're wrong. Mistaken! And samatteroffact, I assure you, COMPLETELY on the wrong track! :)

mistercrowley said...

Christ on a crutch, YES, I figured AS MUCH...but not until I saw the comments section. But still, I can just see her having this sort of conversation.