Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So many awards, so little time!

I didn't know Priya. I still DON'T know Priya. But that's the thing with the blog world, I suppose. One day you're just a commentor filling in Name ("required") fields, leaving behind an idle thought on a stranger's post, and before you know it, the comments become reciprocal, and rapports are established. Often times, gtalk additions are made. Facebook helps reveal selves, profile pics are exposed, every blogger knows what every other blogger looks like, and if you posted recently about a haircut and blue streak that cost you a bomb, you even get to say oh hey, not bad to them in person. Providential bumping into is required, of course. Or you make it happen. Commenter to blogger. Reader to poster. Cat inevitably out of bag, all that remains is the little matter of an acid test -- do you live up to your blog coolness or are you the person as bland as yours the template?

Ha. New age soul searching at blogspot. com.


I got an award! Priya gave. You know Priya? Go here. Say hi. You know what she said of me?

Probably doesn't know I even read her. Probably will freak out when she does know. But maybe not. She keeps me keep in touch with the younger generation. Reminds me of myself 10 years ago.


She's right, I didn't know she read. Heck, I didn't know <I> was the younger generation link to, 'older' people who're reading this crap, and are reminded of themselves ten years ago! I don't even know what to make of that. She sounds cool though, so this might just be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. =)

Go back to Priya's page and read the rules, and learn how karma works before you take off on your own tangent.

Although, where I get nervous and fumble, is that I don't really read 7 fabulous blogs to pass this on to. And lots of peobles have anyway been bestowed with the honour that is this diamond jpeg.

I do though read my friends blogs. And they're not always brilliantE -- "with an e", but of the ones that I do think are pretty daymn ship shape:

: More for the person than the blogger, but in a little bit spirit of fairness, also for the blogger, the emailer and the endless capacity she has to make me laugh at what she writes, t h e r e b y causing me to choke on my green tea and have it spill out of my nose, and onto keyboard. A s i t w e r e.

( this is my new thing -- spacing for emphasis.)

Then next,

: I love her header, it's a personal favourite and an inside joke. I also religiously read the links she uploads, and I know I have a tendency to borrow her opinions. May not help you very much though, because you need to know her in person. I'm just glad that even when she's invisible on gtalk she pings to let me know that. (Steady now, maudlin overdose:)

This is obviously the closest I'm getting to an Oscar speech.

I wish I could just put down my favourite gtalkers..

the above two figure, anyway.



: Articulate bastard, reticent blogger. Not my fault.


INK SLINGER: Again, erratic poster, but lovely writer. We did go to the same college, and back then, if anyone as going to be a writer, this woman was.

I love what's on her header too:

"Roll me a joint and pour me some booze,
I'm not going to cry or threaten to die,
Tired of winning and happy to lose,

Brown girls don't sing the blues."

There's also

MILLENIUM HAN: Every post of his is an education to me. Often too academic, but still not incomprehensible. I suspect it's to do with his knack for structure. Makes him easier to read. The bullets, careful para breaks, justified ellipses, the bits in bold, his ideas, indentation, and random Kate Moss pics in black lace. Yep. Definitely.

CAT THAT FISHED, my friend, lover, and writer that delights -- is dead, so pointless brilliance.

I can't think of anyone else, but having saved the best for the last, my thrilled-ness at this whack job having started blogging knows no bounds. Of course, you're going to have to see for yourself if it's up your alley, but give him time. Patronise the boy, see the sapling grow. It is my firm belief the engineer has potential:

ON TWO WHEELS AND WIDE AWAKE : maybe just for his belief that beauty always leads to sadness because it has to fade. "Not fade as in become less beautiful. but disappear."

That's seven. My growing impatience hinders me from plugging anymore, but if you're reading this, lets just go with the belief that what you write is nice too, and well worthy of the award, brilliant with an e.


manu said...


Han said...

Gosh! Thanks! I'm flattered. Flattened, even. And just when I was beginning to think my blog was boring people. Glad my boldface and bullets were helpful!

chandni said...

so u really were serious about stopping blog hopping?

So u really have given up reading random blogs? ( read: mine?)

Sigh. Let me go mope in peace.

Brown Girls said...

Awwwww, I iss glad, I iss. Such nice things she says... ~Wipes tears~

(Just when my shitty-monotonous-writing-job was getting me down. Yay, Nimpipi!)


Nimpipi said...

Manu: what.

Han: Yep, it's polite to be considerate to readers with fleeting attn spans.

Chandni: aare, i get to hear about you in person nowadsy;P

Brown G: kar di na chhoti baat:D nice things very much meant though. pakdo. flying kiss for you:)

Perakath said...
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Perakath said...
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manu said...

hey look you changed your About moi


manu said...


and I graciously, unashamedly, undeservedly accept this phhrize

thank you other-half-of-the-chad