Monday, April 27, 2009

Insect in my ear

I’ve been given a blue tooth ear piece by the boyfriend (for whom I still need a nick name) so that I can drive and talk, and still not cause a pile up.

Most thoughtful gesture, I think. Except that trying it on even for a moment makes me feel silly. A fancy Bluetooth hearing-aid type device for hands free phone usage is really not something I would have out of my own doing.

(Note to nick-nameless boyfriend: it’s like you and pink shirts, or you and squeaky voices, or you and green vegetables.)

So anyway, here I am, trying to figure out how to work the damn thing, while hoping that undoing my hair should camouflage it and people don’t think what a fool.

In other news, I taught my five-year-old niece how to use MS paint. After the first five minutes, the novelty of watching her colour the walls of a house purple wore off. The kid has problems drawing stars. And how do you explain to someone that much younger that grass is not round. And so I had to take over and show little Leonardo how it’s done, thereby keeping myself entertained for the better part of a Sunday morning.


Watchman said...

I think your boyfriends a sensible kinda fella. Women are anyway a risk on the roads and if half their attention is diverted to answering calls and looking around for their phone in the car, it usually results in disaster.

And men shouldnt wear pink.

Nimpipi said...

Or at least, I would have you believe that he is a sensible kinda fella! ;) is, is.. but I'm convinced that wearing pink wouldn't take anything away from being sensible.

Watchman said...

Pink is pretty gay for a young guy to wear. Its probably okay once one gets older.