Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shalini has a son that’s three years old!! OMG

This, the one line mail I have from my friend, Nanta first thing this morning.

Nanta’s a panic master.

Me: not so much.

We go on to exchange 24 inane emails about Shalini and her son. All this could’ve been said on chat. But I think we enjoy Gmail so much, that we’d do anything for that pale yellow pop-down updating us each of new emails from the other.

Me: What do you suppose? We plan our pregnancies so our kids can 'hang'?

She: She looks about 30.

Me: No ya, she looks very young. As does the kid:P. Oh and Chani's expecting in July, it seems.

(We’re talking about our classmates back in school, naturally)

She: OMG : ( : ( these women make me feel old!!

Me: And barren.

Me (again) : They make me feel OLD, BARREN, and husband-less! :D

She: NO. I WANT kids… EVENTUALLY! But I flipped out when I saw the SIZE of that kid.

She (again) : I don’t give a shit about a husband, man. I have a job. And there are many flirt-worthy men:)

Me: Eventually = 28 or 32?

She: Eventually: 1st at 30, second at 32. Bas. Can you imagine having a baby right now?!

Me: What if there's a triplet googly at 26? Huh? Then what will you do? Plans don't work how we want em to my love..

She: Oho. Dont ruin it for me :). At least you’re all nice and settled with A

Me: Yeaa. A will make a good father.

She: yes, he will. =) As will C boy. sigh :) I can totally see him teaching kiddies Math :D haha… what’s the harm in daydreaming..

Me: Yep. Daydreaming is healthy. I like day dreaming. In fact, if I were awake all night, it’s what I'd do – daydream. And plan my house with A and the kids:). It's still what I do.

She: You'll have tall kids :D how nice to have that certainty :) you guys discussed this?

Me: No..we haven't sat and ‘discussed’ it. But you know, stray thinking-out-loud happens. He’s a little shy about it. Or maybe he thinks talking about it will jinx the eventuality that I am so certain of. But I know he thinks it: Tall kids, a beagle, and a big garden for tall people. I don't like the idea of a flat too much. And obviously they'll have to pick up an instrument. And a language, I suppose -- all at daddy’s behest. I won't force them. Automatically turn into the favourite parent. Haha. I only wish they learn to speak properly and not dig their nose when we have you and flirtworthy gent over for Sunday lunches…

See how giggly rubbish banter = key to a good fwiendship?


Mister Crowley said...

There's that beagle again ;)

Cinna the Poet said...

sweet. amen.

Nimpipi said...

that beagle's not going anywhere, just you see. One day my friend, one day... =)

cinna: *beaming at you, BEAMING*