Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First born to fat ass

My brother had a three-hour stop over at Delhi early this morning. He was changing trains, going from one godforsaken place to another where they probably don't get good food, it seems, so we picked him up from the station and the family assembled for breakfast at the Gymkhana club.

My mother, excited, and talking super fast, all the while trying to force feed her first born --

"Have another toast,, let me butter it... do you want milkshake?... we'll tell him to put lots of sugar in it... and take some brownies with you on the train, I've packed your lunch.. there's dahi also, and tea-toasts for the evening with omelets"

Hats off to Indian mothers for their ability to choke their young with love. Although, is it just Indian mothers or mothers at large who share the mentality that to feed more is to love more? Stuff stuff stuff, then stuff some more. How can you be full? Leave place for dessert (even after breakfast). Have another bite. Eat it all. Eat it now! No wonder middle aged men got so fat. It's thirty years of mommy stuffing your face with pure ghee. Or in this case, one more fried egg "sunny side up", "finish the chicken sandwich", and "why waste the cheese".

Before you know it, faces will be forever rounded and that tumour of a double chin would have emerged. And yet, regardless of jeans that have begun to be too snug, my brother like so many men, will return to infancy and cave when the mother takes charge and rubbishes faint protests: "Mama please ya, tsk..Ican'teatanymore...", "Noooo.. ok ONE brownie.." "I'm getting late...", and sure enough: "What happened to my milkshake?"

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~|-=Z=-|~ said...

Very correct.
Not to be too critical, but after a long time i have been feeling an article to be too true, and truly personal.
Well methinks that this "motherly" phenomena crosses all conurbations and not just that: also among ----just everyone.

Just yesterday, telling my tale, at the time of iftaar, i had been eating plenty of everything from fruit-chaat to pakodas to shahi-tukda....and still my mother was forcing me to have chana( kala chana)....which was a nobody in front of other delicacies.........

Ahh.....thats why we have plentiful of songs ranging from Maa (TZM), chanda hai tu mera suraj hai tu....then another from aakhri khat...etc. .many in our industry and almost all of 'em getting hit .

A salute to Indian mothers who think that the belly of their offsprings has metamorphosed into a welly without caring or giving at least half-a-second-thought to the aftermaths and the morning-afters of this heavy operation......