Sunday, September 06, 2009

One number camara fotografia digital

Boy friend plus best friend together got me a camera for my birthday.

It was a surprise. Especially as the man doesn't even like SONY products. But it's a cute thing. I carry it in my bag. And I am just waiting for bad spellings to come my way so I can preserve the image for posterity (or at least upload it on blogger). That is, I swear, why I wanted a camera. And not, like my friend thinks, to take only pictures of myself, or like my boyfriend thinks, to dabble only in amateur photography.

("Your boyfriend still doesn't know you; he thinks you're very deep.. haha.. he said she wants a camera to learn photography. I told him, BULLSHIT, if I know her, she just wants to take photos of herself!)

Naturally, early days mean randomness, lots of experimenting with zooms-hoom, macro -pacro. Till the novelty wears off, I'm guessing lots of pictures for you.

Smoking Kills.

Wheat flakes are good for breakfast. Plus one banana.
And milk.

My friend works for a big make up company.
My dresser is full of fringe benefits from her days of stock clearing.
(thank you, baby!:)

And those are my pink chappals that I bought for Rs 1300 on sale.

Whole wheat bread in a toaster.

Pink lily; of the bunch that two of my friends got me.

Flat tyre apart, birthday was nice.


P. S - I am liking how this business of choosing, resizing, admiring, uploading, and centering pictures saves you from telling a thousand words.


Preeti Singh said...

wah wah! but i think that you might have burnt the toast :)

The Mystic said...

Hi read ur blog!! hope u do make it really big as a writer and that I actually do go nd buy a first hand copy of ur book. Btw jumped to ur blog from Mayank AS's blog (dnt know him either)

P.S. My fav. tongue twister is woodchuck chuck, is yours too??

Nimpipi said...

Preeti Singh: Brave, you are. Coming out of the closet.

Mystic/ Ishaan: Hi! I am usually quicker in responding to comments. Thank you for hopping across. I love Mayank too. And yes, I must love the woodchuck rhyme enough na, for me to not have changed blog title in years... :)