Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Beauty secrets of the young and the vapid

Sonam Kapoor evidently spends a LOT of time on herself.

I have no idea what sort of actress she is, and nevermind that, but this is what she told Harper's Bazaar last month:

I can't get over the first sentence. Nor can I help smirking at how un-selfconscious she sounds: "..seal in natural moisture for the day".

What the hell is that?!

I love rosewater too, but spritzing myself with the stuff first thing in the morning -- I don't know; how sustainable is that?!

I supose you'd need to leave a spray can by your bedside. Right next to the books she doesn't read or the glasses she doesn't wear.

Have to admit, she looks bloody good!

Maybe there's even something to the cucumber pulp logic of hers.

Watch this space.


The Soul of Alec Smart said...

Hahahaha! What I find funny is that she - like stars do - must have mentioned this as the one of the "simple nothings" she does everyday that leaves her looking fresh as a daisy.. and here we are, ripping apart her little ritual so! :)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

Her beauty is less the result of her rosewater routine and more because of the genetic pool she was fortunate enough to dip her toe into. But you can't sell many magazines with THAT news!

The Mystic said...

Rosy fresh Sonam! All i do when i get is barely manage to get my eyes open! You are right maybe she keeps that Gulabari spray.

In context to your post what does Nimpipi do to look dewy fresh??

Nimpipi said...

Alec: I'm a hypocrite. I do it myself. Just, well, not first thing in the morning. Obviously we're having blog drought here at woodchuck to stoop So(nam) low:p

Ub B: It sells, it sells. And there was stuff about her clothes, too. About her genetic gene pool, I don't know, you know -- her dad's the hairiest bear this side of the, what's it, equator? I'd google Anil Kapoor for you and post the look, but that's a chest you DO NOT want to see.

Mystic: Yoga! -- the secret of my 'dewy freshness' :)

Thanatos said...

I'd like to meet a star who attributes her beauty to a swig of liquor and/or a joint first thing in the morning.

The Bald Guy said...

I've used rosewater since forever. Hasn't helped me any.