Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The first September post

My mother’s got a bee in her bonnet that I shouldn’t have my relationship status up on Facebook. I'm told this, what, four days after I turn 26. Her other beef: photographs with boys, exes, posed or otherwise, in shorts or not, are distasteful.

My mother’s the prude Vidur Kapur was talking about.

Kapur is this stand-up comic I saw perform last week. He's a bald, confident, verbose wearer of black studded Louboutin sneakers. I didn't even know Louboutin made sneakers till I saw this man on stage! How's that for a saturday night education? I didn't trust there were any funny Indian-origin comics out there, either. Really, don't argue. In Delhi, I've seen my share of dimwits trying too hard. This one could make you laugh. He made a few cracks about Aziz Ansari even -- how he's not Indian but how Hollywood likes it that way.

About those Louboutins, did you know there is form you have to fill out before you buy them?! Unless that was a joke. In which case I am the dimwit. But can any priviledged owner of Louboutins answer this or do I atrociously third world?

So anyway, Louboutin Kapur delivered this -- what I thought was a fantastic one -- about how his grandmother preferred a pedophile relative to him, her out-of-the-closet gay grand son. Why? Oh, because at least the pedophile went about his business discreetly.

When poor Vidur protested, all he got from the old lady was a "shut up, you homo!"


The show was great fun. I've been meaning to catch some of his stuff on youtube. Maybe send the link to my mother. Till I do that though, moral of the story is I should change my Facebook status to something more discreet so that my mother can feel like she raised a decent kid.

Never mind the other reason why the decent kid should change that damn status – remember trouble in paradise? We're working through it. Sadly, we’re not talking about it, not here, not just yet. That might be ‘distasteful’.


The Bald Guy said...

Bald eh?


Why do mothers peek into their kids profiles anyways?

Anonymous said...

Oi! Chillo kiddo. Like the Shawn Mullins song everything's gonna be alright.

The Mystic said...

mom on FB? I thought 20 times before adding my own bro...dnt knw about adding my mom on FB tho, excuse my smsish language, its dark.

Btw, keep smiling or donut for u!

The Mystic said...

I meant no donut! see I am teing you its dark. HP( maths for hence proved)

Perakath said...

Hey Vidur Kapur is in Madras on the 24th! If you hadn't recommended, I wouldn't even have considered going.

(I still might end up not going, but still...)

Perakath said...

(This situation will get better next month.)

Anonymous said...

I didnt quite get the line about Aziz ansari. Aziz Ansari is an indian american.
Vidur Kapur is also one looks like from his website.

Nimpipi said...

Bald Guy: I don't know, ya. I don't know. :(
See, so now I blocked her. Evil grin.

Anon: I believe you, I do:)

Mystic: Oh please don't take my donut away. Donut easily replaceable with sunshine. You know that song?

I am smiling, I AM I AM -- see, :)))?


Very sensible to not add brothers, sister, mummy, daddy, chachi chachas. Family = bad news.

Pera: Please go ya. I want to know what you think. I might've lost objectivity when it comes to funny men. The situation. Damn the situation. It's like pmsing the whole month, I tell you!

Anon: Yes, but Ansari is like Bobby Jindal -- doesn't really want to have anything to do with India. And one can't blame him if he's been born and brought up elsewhere. It's just us Indians ho like to believe he's one of us. For what joy, god lone knows. Kapur, at least was born in Cal, lived here long enough, went to school in Columbus, knows the Indian mentality, knows the Hindi gaalis, even though he doesn't live here anymore. Need to check Ansari's Indian credentials, actually. then maybe we can stop dhindora peetoing!

The Mystic said...

No I never heard of that song! who sang it? I won't take your donut away! but it has to be from Wengers!