Monday, December 06, 2010

Strain lies in the eyes of the droid-blogger

I can't. The thought, just the thought of putting down events of the past two weeks puts me in a state of mental disorganisation. So no doing the 'I went here, I did this, I met so and so, I ran the marathon, I went to Pilibhit for a wedding, I froze in a black crepe sari, I met the Dalai Lama, I had my tarot cards read, I gave the kindle back...'

Oh yeah. That. I'm going to hell.

We haven't reached closure. The kindle is our albatross.

Rewind- Aquarian boyfriend gets his virgo girlfriend a kindle in the belated month of scorpio. Virgo doesn't want it. Aquarian reads her blog, is suitably annoyed by the callousness of this cow he's dating. Aquarian cools down, says whatever, do what you want, takes it back, says lets buy you shoes instead.

We live in messy times. Except I fling my own mud and dig my own pits.

So anyway the kindle's in joint custody. Tomorrow, armed with the device, we're going to meet a friend of mine studying for the civil services, taking exams left and right, who wants the kindle to download journals on but needs a regular, non tech opinion.

Friend's a smartie. I hope to dispel his doubts in the first five minutes of the coffee, so that I can spend the next 35 mins being enthralled by a sharp, funny, well read guy.

Of course, if you tell an Aquarian that, you can't expect to get anything but a, 'Sounds lovely. Why don't you get it on with him?'

'Maybe I will'.

'Maybe you should'.

'Shut up'.

'You shut up'.

Thus falleth another crumb off the relationship cookie.

Thus also endeth the first post of yours truly typed siting in a car, listening to real estate ads on radio, waiting for kindle-givers to move their ass so some of us can pee.
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The Unbearable Banishment said...

I heard the Dalai Lama speak in New York once. The hall acoustics were very, very bad and because he tends to be a mumbly son-of-a-gun, I didn't understand a single word he said. Not one word.

I will never abandon books. Ever.

Perakath said...

Which phone you have now? Or this was written on Kindle? Can you do such things? I'm much behind the technology curve.

kshitij said...

You met Dalai Lama?
You're a Virgo?
The man is an Aquarian?
You gonna give it away?
Did you get the shoes?

Nimpipi said...

UB: I loved him! Couldn't tell what he was saying, in parts- didn't seem to be a problem with the acoustics, but you're right, mumbly! Cutest laugh, though. He'd end every thought with a 'Soo, like that'. Which by the way, was hilarious to me. I shook hands with him I just by chance, and he smiled at me and spaid thank you. To me! Blessed blogger is I!

Per: phone = some entry level android phone by samsung. I'm as much a tech retard. Although writing that out on a swype keypad probably makes me a, I don't know, what's polite for liar? :)

Sigh, yes
Well not THE shoes, but I did buy myself a pair of plain black flats with plain back roses on them. Today, in fact.

I told you too much about the one question that a yes could've sufficed for, na? :)

The.Mystic said...

I told ya! The kindle had to go sooner or later, as far as, your romantic flame is considered try to re-Kindle it! Love's hard to find and even harder to keep! Its not Kindle :P