Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not about the cricket

Cricket is secondary. First I need to know where to watch the match. Venue dilemma has blown into a giant caterpillar of a crisis. The end is nigh.

Shall I:

A. Watch the final in the lawns of the Gymkhana on a big screen with many a screaming revellers, including my parents, ex boyfriend cum childhood bum chum, and extended junta-at-large working up a tidy carnival ambience?

B. Watch the final on the projector in boyfriend's living room with a bunch of his school friends, family and possibly insightful commentary going?


C. Escape both scenarios and watch the final at my grandmother's place with her squealing and clapping and saying things like 'I miss Sreesanth' ?

Wherever I go, I will want to whistle like an eve teaser who started young. (Because I can, okay?!)

I need a decision, please, a sign, a resolve, an answer, a clean chit, anything! Where should I go? What should I do? Jump the gun and pop the cyanide? This is not about the cricket world cup finale with a possibly historic ending for us 'enthu cutlet' supporters of team (light)blue. This is about not getting yelled at for my crap choices.
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cathatfished said...

i have the SAME PROBLEM! :)
in a bar with 150 screaming fans, or at a friends home with chai and bhurjee (cos its 5am) and 20 close(r) friends?? i'm tending towards friends. perhaps i'll go to the bar a little later in the day - second innings maybe?

The.Mystic said...

Watch the first innings with granny and then go to the boyfriend's house!

The Unbearable Banishment said...

I vote for A. If the weather is most foul, go with C. Do you expect me to provide a rational?

Pringle Man said...

you will roll your eyes and mentally be composing blogpost with baker boy and friends.

you will feel holy, and act-of-charity of you watch with grandmother. (though i would do this)

you might have best time on big screen.

OR, I would recommend tweeting through match wherever you are, add rnavir shorey, sidin, omar abdullah and gaurav kapur. they tweet for wickets/boundaries.

Utopia said...

What about C and if not C then A! Heheheh!

Nimpipi said...

cattie: start off at home, but go, go, go to the bar! :D Have you seen this by the way? The banality of the Indian cricket fan
Hits the nail!

Myst: I may/may not listen to you but eeeee! may the best team win -- no, wait -- please let us win:D See that link.

UB: Weather looks good -- breezy. Although the first innings, in the afternoon, will be watched indoors with air con blasting, big screen and all. I'm thinking attire = ganji vest and some roughly tri colour type scarf for enthusiasm! Rational, no, I'm scared of you providing me with one o those.

I might go with A, I really think I might.

Pringle: Damn you, woman! For that spot-on first line :D

I can't tweet. It's beyond me. Wicket/boundary chatter will happen in any case.

Utopia: Hello! Suggestion duly noted. Still torn though, still.bloody.torn.

Perakath said...

Haha is this a metaphor for your life, love?

Nimpipi said...

Pera: Heh. Always. Familiar, right?

diya ghuma ke, ghuma ke! :D

The.Mystic said...

We won! So where did you see the match?