Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ode to Royal van Grump

"Unimpressed: Three-year-old Grace van Cutsem fails to join in the excitement"
Exorcist child
Unfortunate soul
She even got called a
Monstrous troll

Two bits of peace
And a slice of quiet
You wanted silence
Nor could you buy it

Imagine the irony-
Grace turns deaf
Or better still
Joins the RAF

As for the ears
Mum must be red
Daddy nerves shattered
Family ego bled

Not your fault
Poor little foal
Good lord skipped
Even the Crawford mole

Other midget angels
Can't help your cause
They looked pretty
You needed gauze

Butt of jokes
No looking back
Doomed to punchlines
Waiting to be cracked

If I were Grace
I'd cry till dawn
Wake up in May
Get my head shorn

To you, lil girl
Even if you're shaven
I say, be brave
The opposite
Of craven

One other thing-
Work on your smile
Rear the bucktooth often
So complainants
Won't file

If they file anyway,
Throw 'em off guard:
I'm a living Lucy,
What's your trump card


Sucheta said...

Hahahaha. Nicely :-)
Poor brat is branded grumpy for life.

The.Mystic said...

Haha! Nicely put! :)

Utopia said...

That is adorable. You write for a living right! :-)

Anonymous said...

It is posts like these that make it obvious that there is both clever turns of phrase and "format creativity" (?) within you.

write a book already.

Style Activate said...

ha ha. i think i came across some older posts about a book a couple of days back ( yes, we have been reading your blog back to back:)). that on? would love to read a book by you.

Nimpipi said...

Sucheta: Heh, thankley. I see you and I are united in this dabbling in nonsense rhyme, huhh. I like your-

They got together and ganged up
to teach Paul a lesson.
They called him lanky and absurd,
They fought back with aggression

ha ha!

Mystic: Shukriya:)

Utopia: I do, I used to, I'll get back to (iss a promise to self:)

Anon: Format creativity? Never been accused of that but I'll take it. =) Write a book already: it's there somewhere-horizon-eventual-vagueness. I'm not done twiddling my thumbzies just yet.

S.A: You're an unusual commenter! I had my spam radar turned up so high I took every sweet thing you said with a pinch o salt but hello, you're very kind. I'm very flattered. Don't go away:)

Han said...