Wednesday, April 13, 2011

They are, therefore I am

"The band ir playing all our favarouties dnt ha ha at splngs."

It must have taken my mother eight minutes to type that on her phone. She's from a generation that refuses to give T-9 / swype a shot. Refuses to is one degree more pathetic than tries, tries, tries but fails every time, which is more my father's beat.

To be fair, he does sometimes, if I'm not back by a certain hour in the evening, send me a perfectly keyed in 'all well' in lower case, with question mark and 'luv, p' (as if I don't have Papa stored, under speed dial even!). Especially since for them, as for the majority in their -- as the joke goes -- 'retired and retarded' friend circle, composing messages are an oh-dear, what-now affair requiring concentration, reading glasses and a persistence of thumb.

Got to give it to her though for second guessing my reaction 'exactly-right'.

That my mother sent me a laboured, abbreviated, typo-laden text instead of bombarding me with calls is in itself a miracle. Must be the theme for the evening. The two of them are, after all, out to dinner to celebrate being married for 35 years.

35 - 40, vot's da difrnce! :)


Anonymous said...

cngr8ul8ons 2 em

The Unbearable Banishment said...

The trend is to wait longer and longer to get married so that 35 year anniversaries are going to become a thing of the past. Just like working at one company your whole life.

Pringle Man said...


Nimpipi said...

Anon: Ha ha! I c wat u did.

UB: C'mon, I know you can sound less bleak, I knowww you can..little ray of sunshine coming through, little door slam on cynicism overdue..

(Is this why you're not posting of late? Huh? Screw the company. Write!)

PM: peck.

Anonymous said...

Just chanced on your blog. like we say down south - simply deadly

Scarlet said...

My mom once texted me an entire phone number in words including the std code. She has learnt now. But the messages are still short, mostly hilarious but so warm and smile inducing. One day, we'll be old too. And as tech-retarded? :-/