Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One missed call... And another. AND anotherrr!

I feel I'm ducking bullets whizzing by my ear.

These damn delusional boys and their calls that I don't answer! And even then the thickness of their skulls prevents them from believing that a girl might not so much be busy as much too uninterested, so don't call, take a hint, please?! but no. They won't see. They won't admit. They won't give up. They will persist in their very bad phraseology and alarming, questionably references to "proverbial beers". There's no catching drifts. I'm resorting to a belief best reflected in a very clear gtalk line that was a friend's status some months ago: Boys are stupid.

And now that we officially don't care whether said boys read/ don't read, we can all go home. Or put the phone off. As the case may be.


Miss.Mystic said...

Haha! Boys don't get hints, you have to explain it to them... For men, if you ignore them and don't talk to them means that you like them. Boys are not stupid, its the whole blood supply 'thing'.

P.S. Not attempting on making your evening gross.

NdeL said...

Bahaha! I agree with the "blood supply" explanation!

Good to see you're writing more frequently. :)

Anonymous said...

Men prefer a false promise to a flat refusal- Quintus Cicero.

Unsolicited DM now: ..but, shit, on a serious note.. if this societal pairing/mating dance seems to be getting to an alpha female like you.. augurs bad for other lesser birds..
By my estimate y have 4.5 years before ANY angst shld set in.. so LIVE hard..

Write every will set you free.. read some James Altucher how ;)

Anonymous said...

Being desired by the opposite sex is such a chore, tsk tsk.

"Educated, With money
He's well dressed, Not funny
And not much to say in
Most conversations"


- k

PS: @MissMys (and @nimp come to think of it): If you ignore men - I think you mean boys - they go away. E-ven-tu-ally (been there done that we (boys/men) won't get it until you tell us) (so why don't you say that) (maybe you like it)(men cannot read women as easily as women think they can, please excuse, we are like this only) (lotsa brackets).

PPS: Tell them you want to hang out with them, proverbially. The problem with this is if someone actually comes up with a proper enquiry you're screwed (but hopefully not literally) (okay that was in terrible taste but it was funny) (enough with the brackets)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

You're a tough nut to crack. Don't you realize that we want the things we can't have more than anything else? Have you ever experienced that? By putting boys off, said boys find you even more desirable. A paradox! Get with the program.

Anonymous said...

Point number 2: the chase is better than the catch; perhaps these boys are simply enjoying the chase, so no need to get worked up.

"The more I get the better it is,
I like it fine, I like a little whizz,
Treat 'em like ladies, that's a fact,
You know The Chase Is Better Than The Catch" (

- k

Nimpipi said...

Myst: sigh. and i tell myself, I KNOW boys.

NdeL: thanks, love. trying to write more often. i think i might be motivated by my friend, a new blogger, who's just so gung ho about comments and stats and posts and pictures, it's contagious :)

Anon: Cicero's the man! :) And um, alpha female, jeez. can't say i ever saw myself as one before you made me read those words, but ok, will look up this Altucher hedge funder, blogger, Ft columnist -- I'm quick with wiki.. :)

Angst is of a different sort. doesn't apply to these STUPID, STOOOOPID boys. Let's hope your estimate isn't brought forward.

K: It IS, ok!! :D Desired by the opposite sex IS more often thatn not, a chore. The whole bloody opposite sex is a chore. Wait till I hit middle age and be the proverbial housewife. Poor sex will become the chore.

In return for your lovely youtube clippity clips, I give you.. sigh, this hottie who singeth the poetic truth.

UB: Said boys are morons! And of course I get the chase-paradox thing. Just.. why can't it ever be the right sort who crack me :(

Anonymous said...

Hai! I fall on the thorns of life, I bleed...

In a less rona dhona style, Saif and Rani have debated this conundrum, more correct than most imagine.

- k

"Ek Haan Kahne Ko Kitna Tahlaati Hai,
Thak Jaate Hain Hum Wo Jee Bahlati Hai
" ha ha :P