Monday, December 24, 2012


Pedicure means hands are free. Hands free means I have time to make declarations. Declaration means this: in not many more days, in one more day, Dec 26, I will move to Dubai. (Dude, who moves to Dubai??!!, said one living-in-NY friend of mine many months ago when this was first floated. It's been in the pipeline. I've had a post called developments in my head for some weeks now. (Development-declaration taato-tayto). But I don't/ didn't know what came after developments. Literally, what's the next line, what's next IN line. It's all a big vague cloud of 'ho jayega' and 'we'll see' and other hiccupy babysteps. That's how up to date I am with my own intentions.

It's a job with a newspaper there, which means I'll still be writing. Anyone's guess how seriously, but that's the 'gig'. I'm moving to Dubai. 'Laaj rakhna', said friend B who was in Bombay when I moved to Bombay in 2007 and when I told her now in 2012 about the sweet farewells I'm getting here from people I didn't all know in 2007, and very many close ones, too. Stick it out for AT LEAST 6 months, said she. (Bombay I made it to 4). She's worried I will hate it and be back in a finger snap, saying, "I had it, I just couldn't ok!". Me, I'm okay. I think I'll be okay. Will stick it out, even if I hate it. Will HAVE to stick it out. I'll eat all the yoghurt I've been advised to eat to get my body used to all new desert bacteria. My parents are happy-sad. My mother is excited, rattling off shopping lists, being only very sightly euphemistic about her desire that I not hook up with sheikhs. My father? He sends me emails from office. Wrote today:

"You have a great deal of natural good sense my love, but just a wee reminder before you undertake your new adventure-“it is not the greatness of a person’s means that makes for independence-it is the smallness of the person’s wants”.

Please live as frugally as possible in terms of material acquisitions for the first six months while the probation period is on and while you find your feet. Everything will look absolutely essential initially so it is best to pack with an open mind. I am looking forward with great interest at how you adapt to your new environment.

All my love


Sweet, huh? Anyway. That's the plan. Those are the developments. Just thought I'd apprise you of new situs. That and Merry Christmas. Happy New Year, too. I'm moving to Dubai. Next post in arabic. End of pedicure. He no get tip.

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