Monday, November 13, 2006

Courdroy, and blue.

Blue. I shopped by myself. Lunched alone as well. All good bargains. Besides clockwork shopping spree, successful at that, complete clueless-ness regarding these other things. Indecisiveness in common. Just can't take a stand. Incapable of sticking to it more crucially. We don't know what we're doing with each other. We're in the habit, more than in a rut. It's difficult to explain, probably because we don't understand it ourselves. Where are we headed, you and I? What's going to be the spoke in the wheel, who is, rather. When will the spoke arise, and when will I succumb. You, you say you won't. Either way. Till when. For how long. Like this? Is this bad? Are we matched? Are we good like this? Will there be interruptions that stay forever? Should we speed brake, or will gradual halts come on their own? They're not all questions, and the answers don't come on their own, but must our scripting be done by us, right now, today, here? So much more convenient if they -- whoever else, anyone else -- called the shots. At least decisions will be out of the way. And anything is easier than making those right. Khaki goes with everything. Envy the outright compatibility of colours. There's just one way. It either goes or it doesn't. Their combinations don't require external efforts. But then accessories need to be justified too. They're the crutches, lets call them that. Till we find our own balance with our own external manual crutches.


nandeeta said...

I love this..really [:)]

sammy said...

was this a long time ago
it seems like yesterday
if only i could look into your eyes and say
you and i girl and another beautiful day:)