Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Decking the halls with holly!

The first of my good friends has declared she's getting married. The groom will be the elder brother's best friend, and the union will take place in the new year. It's all in the family, and every one's happy. They make a handsome couple.
We slash I at Woodchuck wish the happy couple all ze best. ( muah muah!)
As part of the much-in-advance-shaadi-celebrations, bride-to-be and close associates -- myself humbly included -- graced TGIF on Sunday ( joyous Happy Hours), and went only slightly overboard taking photos of each other "like Japanese tourists". (Some of you lucky buggers on my FB list, will get to see photo evidence of such tipsy dementia in due course; as and when shaadi-lady has time to upload and tag us lowly singletons, that is.)

Add to that, another friend on a plane VERY different from accepted -- and thereby another surprise hitchee (?) -- happily cackled into phone that she's off to Paris in Feb to holiday with the boy. Boy works in big fancy London bank, (much to her parent's approval), so the two of them are most charged up about a three-week long London-Paris-Amsterdam trip.
This friend's boyfriend and soon to be fiance -- whom I didn't know too well -- even rung up to wish me on my birthday last year, and said he was sorry he'd be missing out on the party, and consequently, the biryani. Most touching, I thought. Definite brownie point, and sure shot trait of a keeper, I went on.

Although, what beats shaadis in terms of next week's events: New Years! Yaay! But with pub-covers being what they are on that night, a homely celebration is the order of the 31st night. Homely of course equals potluck, bonfire, cosy crowd, dhinchak music, and khaali terraces waiting to be trashed with paper cups and empty liquor bottles.

[loud grin]

To lots of cheer and good times ahead, Season's greetings y'all!


Perakath said...

We get biriyani on your birthday? Mmmm... and when is that?

cathatfished said...

yaayyyyiie my first blog mention :P

but Correction, lady! i am nowhere near engaged :D not for another cpl yrs.. ok? :)

can we catch up soonest, Please!! :)shall call u!

cathatfished said...

and hey i love gluten girl too :D

cathatfished said...


this too :)

IR said...

welcome back to your own dilli,
dhinchak music - haha
all the best to your friend
and happy new yearzzz

Yohan said...

Hello hello. Happy new year!

Do you and Perakath know each other?

Nimpipi said...

Y: Perakath and I know each other through you, your blog, and one common friend who looks like a snake. :)

Yohan said...

So you've met each other? That would be cool. Blogs bringing people together! Six degrees and all that. Two, in this case.

Anonymous said...

your writing is becoming badder and badder, is it mumbai doing it to you?

Perakath said...

There are regular blogger meets in Delhi/Bombay, yohan. Only serious blog types go though, I suppose. If I went I would walk in and roar "Saale BhehnCHOD!" :)

Btw Anonymous, Nimpipi lefted Bombai that time ago.

Perakath said...

Exsqueeze me, the proper accent is thus: "Saale BHEHNchod." Nimpip, I apologize for posting profanities in your commentspace...

Boo Boo said...


P.S: If yes, damn "word verification"! :P

Boo Boo said...

I am blog rolling you!

For word verification!