Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Name madness; of puppies and fools

Yesterday I went with my friend to get her name changed. Now, I'm all there when my friends need me, blah blah, but this was really just joblessness compounded with curiousity guised as moral support.

So there we were, at a lawyer's office at seven in the evening, waiting for some stamped, officious, govt of India affidavit type thing to be handed over to my lovely identity-crisis-undergoing friend.

We're offered water. Nothing remarkable till now. And then, completely unexpected, one not so little Labrador pup wriggles out from under some eight legs -- four of which belonged to a table being weighed down with some mammoth Constitution of India books.

Now, we're two girls, and here is this white Labrador pup in the equation. There are only two possible reactions to this: fright or over the top adoration. But we're cool animal lovers, so there's no fright. We drop to our knees, prepare to cuddle, and start 'ole babying' the pup, elbowing the other, each trying to steal pup's affections. And then, one more little animal springs into sight! And another! Four more! This was becoming a little wild. In the midst of all this, clumsy name changee drops her cell on the floor and tells me not-very-politely to pick it up.

Talk properly, I bullshit. And if you're sitting on the floor with all these cute dogs, you're only thinking of your own amusement, right? I am anyway. So I pick up her phone and humbly offer it to the dog, whispering inane instructions to chew. Riot! Name changee starts half giggling part shrieking: "eee, eee eeee, my phone! my phone! I'm expecting a call, take it backkk, stop it..". Lab wags tail, generously drips saliva all over keypad, and trots off with her silly samsung. I contemplate calling shrieker's number so that her bizarre ring tone makes it an even more comical sight, but figure it's not worth the risk. After all, what would the headlines say, "dog swallows cell, msd call did him in". Jay Leno would want a copy.

Phone camera seemed harmless enough,but the dogs were too quick -- all nine of them, and the quality too poor. Even so- look ma, no rabies.

Oh and the best part, once this dog commotion had died down, and in true blue sit com style, once friend had read all the name change kagazat, she was asked to sign somewhere. Looking slightly doubtful, woman looks up, bleats questioningly: "Should I sign with new name or old?"


mistercrowley said...

Koff koff....them mutts look mighty familiar :P

still ink stained said...

It happened once, frisky cute black labby dog grabs phone and runs, phone rings dog yelps and drops phone, phone is retrieved, drool duly wiped but dog took some pacifying :)

mistercrowley said...

heh....re Name Changee....a certain person saw the document and went Is waale name change ke liye itna tensun?"

Perakath said...

Eeks Crowley you have to work with that Dobermann around?

Nimpip: Haha I didn't see that question coming...

El said...

omg, name change? ~freaky~ cauz my parents changed my name when I was 13, and then we moved to assam can imagine the identity crisis?!..

nice doggies, but where'd thay come from? they're collared and everything..

Y said...

Hee hee. Nice little story. Don't get this whole name change thing though. Was it a drastically different first name?

mistercrowley said...

Pericles: That, my boy, is a rottweiler...named Honey...but he's a quiet sort of chap...likes to sleep under my desk at times, and doesn't mind it if I use him as a footstool..heh

Nimpipi said...

tsk, what ya crowley, *I* wanted to say doberman is rottweiler! And I think they're not allowed as pets or something like that. Lawyers should know. But seriously the cutest mutts in your office! Your footstools rock:D

And this Honey really was pretty harmless, quietly going about gender sniffing:P

ink: hey. come to think of it, this probably happened even more than twice even between people the two of us know, but maybe peoble just don't remember the cute saliva anecdotes too well. heh.

el: your name was changed? at 13?? wow. tell me you coped better than that insufferable roadies chick Ankita/ Simran with that annoying nasal punj roll r god lone knows WHAT accent!

Y: nope, not a drastically diff first name at all. more an addng middle name to get around being clubbed with the most generically christened of the lot.

mistercrowley said...

Pip: Humble apologies for stealing the show ;)
And they are allowed as pets in India...believe me, we checked.
Honey used to be a wild child, until the other footstools came along. Now he's a jaded old gentleman, who plays mediator now and then.

El said...

LMAO, thangod mtv got mysteriously cut, you can't help watching it's so morbid that trash roadies, funny thing is most of those people are our age, so we see them around campus the whole time and they look at you as if PLEADING to go up and ask them about the sho, uh as if!

chandni said...

pups? u said pups?/
they're like full sized dogs!


Nimpipi said...

where full sized dogs?? just that one rottweiler, others are beautiful 2 month old PUPPIES. tsk matlab not infant puppies, more like toddler puppies, but puppies nonetheless. just the photos look giant;)

siropdevanille said...

Hahahahaha!! I want such an office! Wow!

Name change... Wow!

My favourite name change story (let's shorten it) - a girl named Parminder something, who pronounced it like Ankita/Simran... Paminderr (rolling of the rr) changed her name to... after much contemplation... to... Neha! Heheheee!! I mean it's a nice, short and sweet name but as someone told Crowley, 'iss naam ke liye itna tensun' ;)

mistercrowley said...

"Neha"? Mmph...bwahahahahhaha...BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH