Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy two, me

I started blogging out of boredom. April 2006, suffering mundane exams, I must've read a few crappy blogs and condescended that any fool could do better. Of course, one stumbled on nicer laid out, smarter ones: I loved Meghalomania, thought it brilliant, spontaneous witty; and the clouds, and funny quotes.. all that -- but boredom is how I conceived me.

And then, going by the 4 posts that I see in my archives of that year, I must've tired of myself. Bored of being bored. Ha.

My first post was about my brother. Now I'd touch wood, but back then, he soon fell very sick, so I suppose I had a legit reason to suspend blogging. Might've been awfully insensitive to post facts like June 06, bleak prognosis, ICU drip doesn't look fun, today I fed him chicken, and choked on my tears. No. I had a regularly updated diary for shit like that. Wasn't going to observe myself be clinically detached. Plus there were real, solid people to sob to, who'd listen to me scream my frustrations, and pat my had, probably even slap my face out of goodness to prevent me from going completely ballist-erical. That justified a few months of non-posting, and eventually, thankfully, and completely, S recovered.

Back to drifting, and a normal life, I had nothing to post about. So I let it be. I wasn't going to write about anything half scintillating -- again, that diary has all the juice.

This stayed random. I changed Emotion Sickness to The Woodchuck Chucks, felt mighty pleased with the But Why Cage It In Description tag line -- it lent freedom, and when the cleverness was pointed out, I was still mighty pleased.

I don't remember what I'd call myself before Nimpipi, and that only came about in, lets see, August 06. It wasn't a kiddie coinage. (My true blue "pet name" is shorter, courtesy my brother who at some stage mustn't have been the smoothest with multiple syllables. Of course, once my full grown friends got wind of it, they haven't tired of saying it since. It's cute, really) But back to my nimpipi-tale, at the Madras airport, a cabbie goon was holding a placard with THAT in place of my name! Since it was something of an official trip, the others saw humour in it, and it evidently stuck. I wish I had taken a photograph. Of the placard.

Nonetheless, it didn't strike me last year, but I have been plodding along for two, so I just thought I'd put that down.


Perakath said...

Happy two, you. MeGHALomania is brilliant! The other new ones on your roll aren't bad either.

El said...

sigh, blogging - gonna give it a shot what the hell.

for what it's worth, your rollicking style is unique. your blog's not whiny you know, and there's hardly any supposedly disguised showing off.

also, did ya go to brightlands in Dehradun by any chance?


bluespriite said...

Happy two indeed.. time does fly when blogging is enjoyable.

Y said...

Happy Blogday!

chandni said...

happy birthday bloggie!

mistercrowley said...

How about a party hat on the header?

Nimpipi said...

Pera: thunk you schon

el: already blushed, no brightlands, only rajpur

bs: tempted to say more habit than enjoyment, but theek hai-theek hai:)

y: shukriya.

chandni: didddo!

MC: do u know how long it freakin takes to first select a pic, then crop, then colour correct, then blur..then force elicit feedback form disinterested mutts who don't always oblige?? *pause for breath*, yea but ok, party hat, *meek wooohoo!*

jesse said...

happy birthday nimpipi :)

Nimpipi said...

thank you james =)