Monday, May 19, 2008

Glorious gelatine goodness!

At ten this morning, my friend who we’re calling S. Vardhan, woke me up to ask if I wanted some cheesecake. Oh yes please! I would definitely be interested in having some dropped off on your way to work, thank you very much! He’s a good neighbour. And evidently a friend who pays attention when I talk -- among other things, about dessert. So, to friendships, and wholesome breakfasts that comprise only cheesecake!

Read his blog. Newbie writes rather well.


chandni said...

oh my god! can I tell u I love cheese cake! When in NY, I almost lived off cheese cake!!!!

Try Big Chill ka new york cheese blueberry, no strawberry, just pure unadulterated cheesecake.


mistercrowley said...

Pippinder.....why did you have to go put up this cheesecake post, I say.....i had a large piece last last night, and I've been throwing up since....
Yes, i know i'm in a grouchy mood.....AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO cHEESECAKE....

Perakath said...

So the pimping has begun? And probably over already, I suppose.

Mayonnaise Toss said...

it looks so good, it looks so fine.
i'm so hungry, it made me pine.
Its all your fault niv,if i hog,
then i will be as lazy as a log!

p.s.i know how to make cheesecake.its fairly simple.but no berry top etc.plain cheesecake. recipe bheju?

Nimpipi said...

Chandni: you know, JUST the other day, a friend was going on about how I should come to NY, and stuff my face to heart's content with cheesecake. Bookmarked suggestion.

Big chill ka blueberry is really the pits! But haven't tried new york cheesecake. After that ghastly experience, one sticks to their choc mud pies. Still in Khan, that kitchen ka blueberry isn't bad actually..
then that potpourri place in Bombay..

ohoho. bliss is right. was just reading article on food versus sex yday..*confused sigh* :)

MC: I don't know where you've been eating! Obviously someplace where the cream sourced was of a somewhat rancid nature. Plus, didn't Buddha say something about moderation and middle paths, and gluttony ans sins. I'll translate: one helping fella, one helping!

Perakath: You sound a bit ruuuude.
As they say in North Campus, "chillax"!

Toss: My dearest ditty writer, bhej mat, aa ke bana. =D

Perakath said...

Oho no rude intent, sorry. It came out wrong.

chandni said...

mayonnaise: please mujhe bhej do! I am obsessed with cheese cake!

Nimpipi: I am telling ya...the khan one serves awesome NY cheese cake.

I am just thinking abt ti now!!! We should call some more blog girls and just have a desser meet at big chill :)

Nimpipi said...

Incompetent waiters and 12.5% service tax, vat aside, I'm all game!

churningthewordmill said...

hey found u thru chandni... that piece of cake looks scrumptious.. i think i like ur friend!!

siropdevanille said...

Why would you call it Gelatine goodness! Why?!!? It's not a nice thing to say about dessert! But the picture does look lovely! Sure you enjoyed it! :)

Nimpipi said...
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chandni said...

kill joy


Nimpipi said...

hey hi mandira, i saw you're a little anti plagiarism -- as of course every person should be etc, but that pic -- i stole it. but shush now. :)

Sirop, what's wrong with gelatine goodness, lady? i like alliteration! but yep, i loved the cake even more!

chandni: haan that.. pphbtt.. sowwy. too lazy, next post maybe.

siropdevanille said...

Nothing... just... did a basic French cuisine course and our chef was a traditionalist. When he didn't like the way a dessert with gelatine turned out, he would make a face and call it the gelatine dessert! Then make a more horrid expression and mark us 2 out of 5 "All I can taste is gelatine!"

That's all :)

El said...

cheesecake phish.

totally overrated.

versethanpoetry said...

so what's the best cheesecake in the city? congrats on the new car.

good neighbours bring good dessert good desserts make good neighbours

oseor - a squirt gun

Nimpipi said...

good cheesecake, not overrated. one tires of it a LOT slower than chocolate, el.

verse, thank you. you're new, hi. khan, new york cheeesecake is divine, i hear. although, i'm just lucky and boastful about my gourmet friends who frequently experiment with mango-lemon-kiwi fruit type toppings. *tizzy*