Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kingdom for a clove

In the last 24 hours, besides having snatches of that song Challiya from the movie Tashan stuck in my in my head..

(Nasheela nasheela tera naina
Cho raile humra chaina
Ab humre dil mein rehnaaaaa.. )

..I've been dealing with the mother of all toothaches. Wisdom's been acting funny, and I refuse to go to a dentist because they're no fun, and I have terrible memories of shiny implements. It's not just me, but check (more so) with kids who had braces, and were warned against biting off a chicken leg directly. One had to instead "pluck with your fingers and eat". And chewing sugarcane could just be forgotten about for as long as you had metal in your mouth that was then held together with two retarded coloured rubberbands.

Even my gtalk status is a disguised crib. One good thing though, and freak coincidence at that, just yesterday I spotted a new flavour of Orbit (gum): clove. Who'dhavethunk! Ten bucks for nine in a strip (as against the normal six), with red packaging -- it's a way better flavour than cinnamon.

And then I lost my lenses yesterday. One lens, rather. God lone knows how. Fact is, I'm blind now. I can't wear my shades, and am hidden behind my geeky copper frame, that I quite like but the power of which is a little last year. Also, I'm trying to be cool with office people telling me to please get rid of this hideous chashma. Double sob.

Oh, but in spite of all this petty shit, and because I slept for some fourteen hours last night, I was in a perfectly chirpy mood subah subah; fantastic rain-cloud weather, parents out of town, anda bhurjia for breakfast, tava toast to boot -- I luuuhrve tava toast, and friends to meet later in the evening.

I think it was mostly the weather though -- for I remembered when we were in college, my best friend and I were convinced that radio stations played good songs only at night. Or when it rained. Yes, that was our consensus.

Anyway, idea germinated, and trigger enough, I messaged Sarthak my nano tale ( 9871959595, I hopelessly pimp), where Sarthak = that cute sounding 95FM RJ guy whose "cow" Adam needs a more variety into his bellow-y "moo"s. So I was on radio this morning reciting my six-word story about how carbohydrates had indeed conquered my soul. Much pausing for dramatic effect and all!

No gift voucher, no song dedication, but having crossed the fence, I am now "one of those" who call up radio stations and receive, in this case, a generic polite applause. Before I went on air, and right after Sarthak called back -- (notice the frequent first name usage) -- boyo ran out of the house to the car park so he could listen to me on the car radio. I thought that was very sweet. Of course, when he came back inside, and in true mother-in-law fashion, he had to remark, "I see you'll try your witty-flirty thing on just about any guy!". Yea yea, but who cares, I sounded sweet on air, and said to Sarthak most enthusiastically, that I luhrrrved the weather.

That's about all. Tooth has ceased throb-ation for now, am still pretty damn blind, but the moment is being fully savoured.


jesse said...

polite appluase :). the songs on radio do change in accordance with the weather. the first name usage has been noticed.

Perakath said...

Just how long beyond the recommended 3 months do you wear your lenses anyway? How can you not have spares??

Inayat said...
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El said...

nice post..very romance-of-a-ordinary-day, what with the anda bhujiya and radio and all..rainy days do that once in awhile.:)

ps - who's boyo?

a fan apart said...

am glad you name-dropped sarthak on your blog before i did. by normal early-morning-wakeupsmellthecoffee-dj standards, he's brilliant. good company on the way to work. cliched, but true.

Mayonnaise Toss said...

i had multicolored rubberbands pulling my metal mouth together-painful,yes,very.

clove?-really?i can never graduate from mint.

start using monthly disposables-im a fluttery eyes happy bug since i started with them.

Nimpipi said...

J: Don't I know what you notice and what is allowed to slip.. =)

Pera: Just how have you reached the conclusion that I wasn't already wearing disposables; I just happened to not have spares with me riight then okkkaaaay.

el: gracias. Boyo is first commentor here, who happened to be around radio time. I'm hoping you didn't quite mean what's his asli naam, pata.

fan apart: Hey 'U', whatsup. I think u meant RJ, but yep, we are in agreement: Sarthak is God! :P

Mayo: babykins, *flying kiss* and one thapad. I do use disposable ones. Don't u remember we went to get you same ones and you thought the chap had gypped you, and all looked hazy? Besides which, whats with not updating your salad bowl dot blogspot?

Han said...

You know, you take Hinglish and make it a fine art. Now that's an achievement!

chandni said...

tava toast rocks...

I have always wondered who are the people who call up radio stations..I am tempted to try only if someone guaranteesa a freebie beforehand :D

Nimpipi said...

han: Thats what you get when you're constantly surrounded either by bongs who speak 'good English', or Delhi-ites who can't stop with the "sahi hai"s! :)

chandni: tava toast -- RIIGHT up there with ajwain paranthas!

yea, i didn't get no freebies. Was just uncharacteristically motivated to be on radio! =D