Sunday, May 11, 2008


Cloudy sunday morning

south Delhi, 6 a. m

Amaltas = Laburnum

Didn't always know

A bougainvillea would've looked quite nice here

And gulmohar never hurt

But I like this yellow



El said...

amaltas = view from Amit's room in Suitable Boy, makes sense? yes? no?

Anonymous said...

I love Amaltas! And Jacaranda! And Gulmohar... also, have you noticed those gorgeous red flowers (not gulmohar) that show up only when Delhi winters bid us goodbye... Palash ke phool some people call it... I love this city :)

Nimpipi said...

i no read suitable boy. too many pages too heavy a book. ( not how i leav out patience.)

sirop: rhododendrons! (not = tesu though..)

Mayonnaise Toss said...

i love this city too. though i will be back in winters. but i will i will. december duur nahin!

the yellow road is so pretty! pretty pretty! god im gushing-but the only word that fits seems to be 'pretty pretty'!

the mad momma said...

oh awesome. where in delhi is this?

Nimpipi said...

Not too far from Panchsheel, actually.:)