Friday, May 09, 2008

Ingredient trade off

James is off to Phoenix
Pretty boy will soon be gone
Away for a month in all
Girl's feeling a tad forlorn

Trotting about in Vegas
Weekending in New York city
I'm happy for him, I am
Discount the minimal self pity

Wasting my life in office
I'm told in so many words
Bid ratty cubicles bye bye
Show enterprise like fellow sirds

Lets open a jam factory
My cronies on g talk I ping(s)
I don't much jam, one cries
Its all a bit God o' Small Things

I shall meet James in the desert
Swoon and idly daydream
Frolic skimpy in hotel pools
On water beds take to whipped cream

But distant is the possibility
Imaginations do somewhat stretch
On realities I zero back in
I wonder how many he will and lech

A matter of few weeks it is
But do behave yourself, he goes
My devilish mind he can read
Smirks renew insecure lows

Staying in girlfriend confines
Will do me a breather and good
Distract myself otherwise
And lead on no other dude

Easier said than done
Such is the constant grouse
Why don't I just hang up my spurs
Vegetate home like a louse

Sulks and spats apart
I owe him my shopping list
Goodies he'll happily buy
Caveat: no other boy be kissed

A fair trade off to me it seems
Victoria's Secret and Ferragamo
I'm proud he's earning so well
Sans a degree from Bits Pilano

Come back soon, you little wretch
To fidelity and trips cut short
Will fetch you from the airport with
Whipped cream in my bag along brought


mistercrowley said...

Whipped cream? Er.

On an unrelated note, whatever is that '565' on your blog header for? I've been meaning to ask, but always get lost in these poetic imbroglios....

Nimpipi said...

oh come onnn, at least it's a rhyming poetic imbroglio!

and whipped cream = euphemism for kinky. =D

565: i thought only i could see that. ahdunno man, random template no. Oh but that reminds me what is the 'booty to boot' thing in red on your blogroll? I thought it was just for the women bloggers, but you've attributed it to some guy as well! *zapped*

Perakath said...

Shows up when those blogs have updated feed content

mistercrowley said...

Thank you Per...yeah, it's for when someone on my blogroll updates....doesn't work most of the damn time though, esp with the wordpress blogs...
And it's got nothing to do with women ;)

Pip...nice poetry imbroglio...poetry isn't really my cuppa, ergo :) Pliss to excuse...

Perakath said...

Caveat emptor: Let the buyer beware!

mistercrowley said...

If you ask me, a fair trade-off would be for a Desert Eagle...not Ferragamo ;)

bluespriite said...

You should write more poetry..

Nimpipi said...

i wouldn't call it poetry, but aadab arze:)

(per: what??)

Perakath said...

Just this topic in my next exam... seemed mildly appropriate.

El said...

my my pipi you're quite the bard. It's funny and light and jam and god of small things? (:smiles:, clever) but it hints at so, so much more. I mean I feel like I know you more by this than all the other posts combined..ok not that much, but still you get the picture.

Nimpipi said...

Per: why can't I understand your comments anymore? What do my fluffy topics have to do with your next exam?

el: wow. *blush*. gee thanks. My life's an open blog :P