Thursday, June 05, 2008

Us and the citehh

Jinx continues; car got towed. (not the new one just yet.) Nice little blue on pink carbon slip challan fluttering on my dashboard now. Thank goodness for colleagues with enterprise. As also for jaatu cops who succumb to a little pretty whining, and cut you a discount on what bad parking is worth in this city.


I had a courier delivered to my office deks( not typo; just boarding school speak for wooden seating combos) My name, desig, floor, address, phone number on that package in the most familiar purple sketch pen writing! Mayo -- you know her -- sweet child of mine, had obediently, and promptly dispatched all 7 seasons of Sex and the City. Of course, we'd spoken about it, and reached the conclusion that I was too cheap to buy the whole series, so kind soul tht she is, 'sent me hers. And as if the gesture, expected as it was, hadn't touched sentimental cord enough, her handwriting sent me back ten years. We used to write inane detailed letters to each other (that my brother would get his paws on and devour.) Letter writing stopped, we lost touch, but even having reconnected a while now, I think this was the first time I saw a 'letter-letter' from the woman. ( hollers in her direction: your scrawl is the same, yo!) Prison Break has found a worthy successor, a topical, spicier one at that. If FB application are to be believed, we're both Carrie Bradshaws, eagerly awaiting this Friday's India release of the movie.


Han said...

I don't think I've ever reconnected properly with a school friend.

Carrie Bradshaw eh? Have a thing for shoes?

El said...

It's releasing here next friday?!! I've been going nuts looking for it on the internet.

Oh, the fun you're going to have watching them, they get a bit DOh after awhile and you're like seriously? I don't care if his spunk tastes funky, but it's a riot either way.

Tough luck on the purple flimsy dress thing no?

Perakath said...

Where had you parked?

Think I could borrow some sometime? Maybe even some Grey's?

Mayonnaise Toss said...

My scrawl could never change yo! It’s the same messy, childish doodle!
Your writing – even back then, as I remember – was as neat as my mum’s cupboard – sparkly alphabets with powerful y’s and t’s splattered across my slam-book! Ah boarding school days, ah!

I’m turning into more of a Carrie than ever! I got a free gift voucher worth a grand from Catwalk for excess shopping. :(
One day my dost, one day Jimmy Choo shall send me vouchers too!

Just booked my tickets for the 8:30show – I am going to get Carrie-d away!! :D
Wish you were in Mumbai though-you would have been the obvious choice for my movie-mate! *Hugs*

churningthewordmill said...

your car got towed!! thank god it wasnt ur new one...

reconnecting with old friends is such a joy! especially if u hv been hosters/roomies..


mistercrowley said...

I've done something I hopefully won't regret...I've agreed to sit through Sex and the Pity with a friend....though she's agreed to sit with me through Indy Jones 4