Sunday, June 08, 2008

Because tags are the new slam books

And I enjoy them as much as that page in Stardust where a filmstar ( shot mostly in black and white) was made to fill out a form in their own handwriting -- no typed text -- that said, in a music note style, these are a few of my favourite things.

So then:

I am: the wind in my sails.

I think: you might've known that.

I know: that I'm not going to change..?

I want: a good, happy home. And a well mannered brood, someday.

I have: it all planned.

I wish: age weren't always the trade off for experience.

I hate: vadas. And the sound of thermocol.

I miss: my brother. Especially when I'm feeling goofy, and no one else can decipher my childhhod gibberish.

I fear: losing my taste buds, and leading a life without passion.

I feel: giggly at the best of times.

I hear: nothing when I put a big sea shell to my ear.

I smell: of Nivea and laze.

I crave: alu paranthas very often. (It's my punj gene.)

I search: for missing scrunchies, and knick knacks with paisley motifs.

I wonder: what the point is way more often than is healthy.

I regret: my wasted college years.

I love: spinach, brick-wood interiors, Seinfeld, white shirts, predict-T9 text, surprises, all that.

I ache: I also flinch.

I care: for the environment. And raise eyebrows at people who litter and wish to poke them in the eye everytime they do so.

I am not: driven.

I believe: in directness and simplicity.

I dance: more hip, less limb.

I sing: the middle notes alright.

I cry: often, anytime. pent up. release. like a baby. without reason, and hiccuping.

I don't always: put entertainment before all else.

I fight: at the slightest provocation.

I write: descriptive, and micro-cutely, making things up as I go along.

I win: and make sure everyone knows.

I lose: and say its just a game.

I never: can take an extreme stand too comfortably.

I always: have a good breakfast. At 6 am if required.

I confuse: afforestation/ deforestation, disinterested/uninterested. (Stalagmites and stalactites I know perfectly. C for ceiling, g for ground, yaay for mnemonics. )

I listen: when my father talks.

I can usually be found: online, faffing.

I am scared: of childbirth, and kidnappers. (combine both and there's a dark humour angle.)

I need: focus, just maybe.

I am happy about: my limited wish list.

I imagine: vividly, filling in the details with care.

I tag: bluespriite, Mayo baby, cat fishy -- clot, I keep helping you shake off your deep deep blog slumber, and coalmine canary, for sure. El, you want to try? lady Pix? Crowley? who's left, Per, you doing this? Han, if you have time for wanton doodling, you have time for this. Adito, chal write something readable. Control c, control v.


Mayonnaise Toss said...

this reminds me of school. esp the "I like" "I love" part - which then would have been "chocolates,boys,books" - how simple n direct were we? and how honest? now... i think i will try fill sumthing smarter-going to the tag-shag game! pronto!

Nivea and laze... *inhales*, "smiles*, "misses*

Han said...

Damn. It seemed for a moment that you were going to leave me un-tagged.

You hate vadas??

mistercrowley said...

I can you hate vadais?

Perakath said...

I'm supposed to do this, yes. Already have an MM tag pending; a tag queue at this age, tsk tsk...

Didn't see you taking the time to do this one though! Well-written, although you missed the hyphen in 'well-mannered brood' :P

T9 surprises-- textonyms?

chandni said...

spinach is way too healthy dude...get off it.

Nimpipi said...

mayo : good, want to read yours. clap clap.

han: fien then, shan't tag in future. Or atleast for a while.

It's true. I can't eat vadas. They make me nauseous. Something about that deep fried odour. ewk! *belches*

pera: t9 COMMA surprises. tsk tsk, you're skimming again.

Chandni: Spinach stays. I need my weekly fix of folic acid.

churningthewordmill said...

i wish i cuf acquire experiece withoug aging too!! but dnt think its ever going to happen..sigh

how come u dont like vada?? do u nt like it atttt all? or do u not like it in certain with chutney or sambar or smthing??

El said...

*jumps up and down*

o yes yes!

thank you muchly, I'm in with the big 'uns yo.

El said...


no email id?

wanna ask ya something..

Nimpipi said...

Been meaning to put up that email address for a while now. Pleased that i figured it out. thanks el, for the push, ask away.

While we are responding, no mill, vadas are a COMPLETE all encompassing, big NO NO. no sambar, no chutney , nothing can truly disguise its taste.

JC said...

Those celeb interview thingies were in Stardust? I used to think they were in Showtime. Or maybe I'm thinking abt the section where they used to explain movie plots with stills.
Whatever. Sorry. Continue.