Thursday, October 09, 2008

Text therapy

One message received.

That followed by a rapid exchange of idle texts. Long distance. From me to you with love. It's been a while since we sat alongside and spoke such comfortable rubbish. Not since college; those long afternoon commutes made easier by vanity competitions and a comfortable wavelength. With chip packets dug into turn by turn and Bisleri bottles held on to day after day. Like this were the life, and we were the it girls.

Happy Dusshera n.!

Oui. Personalised, how thoughtful! Happy Dussera, love!
I'm in office doing some fatru typing:)

Office, aaj?! Ha. I'm enjoying my mid week off! :)

I don't mind coming to office on a holiday. Roads are khalli, you don't have to sit home. Plus no depression end of the day ki kal kaam hai


Yea. P.S: I'm thinking of getting a tattoo done. Grasshopper. Maybe a three leaved clover. Neck nape.

I have no opinion on tattoos. Get it if you want. Except what when you're bored of it

Maybe I should just get a nice big red bag instead

Leather, please

Purple suede?

No, purple doesn't go with everything. red is good. unless its lilac suede, thats girlie n nice

Are you mad! Lilac suede, I can just imagine. Maybe baby pink heels with ruffles on them also?

Ha ha! stick to red please or olive green then - more u

Haan. brown quite fully fed up. but I have a green courdroy bag

Then red

Yes red. not like the one *beep beep* had. Remember? I didn't like that design too much

Me neither!! i hated it! v.bhenji type. get a one, not big shapeless jhola-v pseudo!

Haan, need a proper shape this time. Not the college ones. All my registers would get bloody dogeared because of those damn jholas! but this hidedesign one has really lasted. good investment, it must be acknowledged

True. took it with me to Thailand also. money's worth. has to be said


I'm having beer today after 9days :)

Good religious child you are. I haven't had beer in.. 2 sundays. made myself scrambled eggs this morning though. with cheese and butter and milk. Perfectly fluffy! :) also sweet tooth in overdrive. I is a pig. I've probably put on as much weight as you. (only slight exagg) And i hate it that your hair is looking better

You are the greatest, N. Your hair is the greatest. No competition. Now shut up. I'm going out to lunch. later

Okay ji. I'll still be in office. freezing my fingers off and finding excuses to not work.


Mister Crowley said...

Argh...My eyes!!!!
Mai kyaa ji...heppy dussehra to you too :)

Anonymous said...

Wish there was a way to tag this post...then this would be tagged as my "favoritest"

Nimpipi said...

mc: to you too ji:), long time.

anon: I saw what you did, I know who you are. Next time we drop the anonymity, yes? good girl.