Saturday, February 07, 2009

Did you mean: sex?

Boy fucking girl using sarson oil.

Yep. That is what some charming soul has keyed in, and landed guess where. The joys of a stat counter, I say. Why else does one blog if not for the entertainment in tracking pervy queries. I’ve also got a hit for fat toes in heels and tiranga biryani. What tickles me most though, is Peter Sellers birdi num num ring tone. Could've been me, really. I love my URL! I love my tag line! And I love the stat counter but god lone knows what I’m going to do knowing the IP address for some googler sitting in Khatmandu. Who, by the by, is either my ex-boyfriend’s squeeze or Charles Sobhraj. I don’t know who I’d rather it be, but about her I have blogged in the past. And, well, she had asked me ever so politely if I could refrain from ever mentioning her on my blog again. HA to you little lady!

Anyway, besides the usual, safe nimpipi-woodchuck searches, there’s more. Saxy boy saxy girl shag, how to tag people on facebook. And on 26th Jan, someone did a search for SHAADI photographer LAJPAT NAGAR.

I just thought the sarson oil line took the cake.


Indyeah said...

someone searched for this??:D
boggles the mind...
sarson oil??dear god..why that of all things?
I dont get any of these
*ahem *queries...:D....have to start writing some more..I think..heh!heh!
:) good read this one was...:)

Mister Crowley said...

I quite agree with Indyeah on the sarson ka tel bit. whoa

manu said...

ehh listen all you naysayers, sarson oil is awesome people.. really look ->

!! after reading that I would totally fuck someone with sarson ka oil...ahhhahahahahaha..hehe.. sorry nimpip..couldnt resist that one!

hum tum friends friends ok :-D

Rajiv said...

mast hai ji :D

Anonymous said...

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