Sunday, February 08, 2009

Old chores in a new bottle

I changed my blog template. The old, tepid, stale, boring green had to go. So for the time being, and like all good caption-kickers for a lot of Page Three pics, we’re 'black to basics'.

In other news, my parents have been out of town. And despite having the place to myself for three days now, I think I’ve been a remarkably well-behaved child. Bordering on boring, but maturity, I’m told, comes at a price.

I’m doing an exercise in shortening sentences and keeping verbosity at bay. I’m not sure where I’m headed, but a short cut to there can’t harm.

I have three, maybe four, coffees planned for this week. Like an unpaid phone bill, it is at the back of my head. I tell myself I will stop being an asocial bandicoot. I will pick up the bloody phone and call the people I said I would.

One is my brother’s childhood friend who just got promoted to Chief Officer. He’s a sailor then, and I’ve been putting it off forever because he tries too hard and I generally assume he’s hitting on me.

The second is another friend of my brother’s from boarding school whose sister (now married) and I studied in the same convent for a bit. He’s a fun person in a dead job, and the irony therein tickles me. I owe him a frappuccino because a drink, he won’t let me buy. I take it he’s being gallant. When we’ve met in the past, he’s asked me, “How are Sir and Ma’am?”, while enquiring about my parents. This also amuses me. That if it doesn’t take an Army brat, it takes a public school brat. To my way of thinking, there can be no other explanation.

I also have to meet a college junior who used to sometimes keep me company in the U-special (university buses), telling me about the plays he’s acting in, and what ails the dramatic societies of North campus. He later switched to south campus -- not simply to save on the commute. Recently done with his masters (some sub field of statistics incomprehensible to me), turns out, he got disillusioned with theatre altogether. This I know through three facebook messages exchanged between his birthday and mine. Figured it just makes more sense to meet. Also, I must admit, that to an extent, there is a journalist motive in meeting these three. Interesting people make for interesting stories.

You might want to place a bet though, that on Friday nothing would have changed. My people-to-meet list would still be pending. And my grouse would remain that with the exception of a handful, even meeting good friends has become a chore.


manu said...

wuuuzaaahhhhhhuupppp! what a big font indeed. The woodchuck DOES chuck.. YES INDEEDIO. I is intimidated. and do you ever meet any women ever? hain? ..all the time boys boys boys.. chee chee

manu said...

and I remembered to click on the box to get comments emailed to me.. so I NEVER have to come back..aaahahahaha succkeerr :P

Indyeah said...

nice one...but the old one was sunnier no?:)
more like how a woodchuck would chuck(?)
*dont know what sense this makes*
all the best on making this one bigger,better,brighter..:)
''That if it doesn’t take an Army brat, it takes a public school brat. ''
Hah!tellme bout it..

chandni said...

oh1 for a moment I thought I am on the wrong page!!!!

I likes.

Black is always beautiful!!!

Nimpipi said...

MANU: f u man. Saying mean judgmental things to me. Boys like me more. I enjoy being the bitchier conversationalist. With women, I have to compete. No fun in that. (Also, when i wrote 'three-maybe four boys', i was wondering who it would take to point out, the erm, eeslightly eeskewed sax ratio:) you're the man, my leader of all male friends!:D

INDY: I've always thought black too harsh, but i was liking the drama. sooner or later I WILL revert to sunnier though. just you wait:)

CHANDNI: I'm going to start itching for a personalised header in no time! Some random flower stem, corner of a coffee table, ink blobs, my shakal with a friend divided by 2.. i can just see it! For now though, you're on the right page. :)

bluespriite said...

I thought it was only me.. avoiding meeting people. Feels nice to find similar asocial traits elsewhere.

manu said...

:( .. this black black depresses me.. please to be updating to your bright chirpy self soon..*me face like kitteh in "fussy eaters"

Sirop said...

Black is beautiful! :) And don't desert the poor boys, do go meet them.

And boys can be wayy bitchier than girls! Tis quite a shocker!

Inayat said... eyes my eyes! I simply cannot read white on black, I had to temporarily copy this to word to read! Sigh the things we do for addiction...

Nimpipi said...

Bluei: takes one to know one, sadly.

MANU: Yea, you and Inayat both..I'm thinking

SIROP: No babe, boys can be shocking, but there's no comparison. we are the bitches:)

Brown Girls said...

Oui nice! The bigger font works perfectly for my myopic eyes :-D

Brown Girls said...

But why is it white? Isn't it supposed to be 'black to basic'

manu said...

brown gels: is because I is throwing tantrums.. :p phhbttt

Nimpipi said...

Bee Gee: Yo! woman! wassup wassup! haan black to basics is now safeid. On Public demand. Apparently white on black elicits " oww my eyes my eyes" type nakhras! And this sunset stud man is right too. sigh.

Must add: template change is now my pet project. I will, hence stop declaring it and just .. DO the do.

Sunset Stud Man said...

please refrain from using MY name in reference to this wannabe loony in a funny hat. peace.

Brown Girls said...

Safeid is nice! As is the name sunset-stud-man heh. How be you bhai?

El said...

LOL LOL wow that must be the first time any one has listened to me ever, even partially, high five manu! *we got the power!!* (like Bruce Almighty and girls skirt fly's waaay up)