Saturday, February 14, 2009

Send me flowers, make 'em red!

I'm suffering from peer pressure. I don't know what is to be done on/for Valentine's and I'm feeling the pangs. Never mind that it's still morning, everyone already seems to have a plan. A big heart-shaped something to do. With their 'significant others'. Me, no. I have work.

A common friend of ours -- you know who I mean -- had to answer incessant door bell ringing at MIDNIGHT to receive three dozen roses, a chocolate truffle, and some sort of stuffed animal. Poor guy. And except for the beta kaun tha cross examining from familial quarters in the morning, I want! I want to feel cheap and filmi and wish the earth would swallow me up if someone gave me a single rose (long stem, with thorns, the classy way) in public. Yes, I would drop dead, but dispose it off before that lest anyone have seen me, or worse, smiled at me and made whimpering aww sounds and name suggestions! I want something something corny to happen. I want to laugh and talk about that something corny.

What fun it is to begin sentences with "Oh, you know what happened!.." Never mind the cheesiness of coffee and chocolate and roses and goo goo eyes, romance is good and Body Shop is better. Where there is a discount, there is a way. You should have seen the crowd at Archies yesterday! Ruch and I loitered about their aisles aimlessly. I showed her a card which I could have bought. Something about how you are my baby and sex is like prayer so let's get spiritual. But then we settled for a cigarette lighter in the shape of a matchstick that refused to comply with the panwaadi outside Blues. So no gas was filled in it, and she got her 99 rupees back. Oh to be young and in love!

Have a super cheesy Valentine's, you!


Mumbai Diva said...


Perakath said...

Who, me?

Mister Crowley said...

Poor panwaadi outside Blues ;)

Indyeah said...

:D that is bigger and brighter indeed!
Dont wait for corny stuff!Its all overhyped anyway!you are not missing anything special!:D
but dont take my word for it..
what do I know?sitting and watching a crappy movie today..

its still as crazy as every year,maybe more so!the prospect of a darn shaadi loomed too when 'they' went about catching ppl left ,right and centre!

manu said...

aww..oolelelelelelele.. dont be pheeling the blues.. like dem brown gels..or summin..

here, I make you pheeling batter.. aye poyam from bottom of my bottom to the top of yuvar top..

When you is goin matak matak,
my haart is goin dhadak dhadak,

When your eyes is going blinking blinking,
When bheja is goin singing singing,

Arrey red roses ko maar goli,
tere liye baja raha hun main dholi!

.. you is battered now? yes? no? good garrl! :-D

a fan apart said...

that's a really nice header (if the thing with the bulb is called a header...)

Nimpipi said...


FAN: Thank you, thank you! Yes it is a header. Glad you like. I chanced upon it, well, quite by chance =)

MANU: what's wrong with you ya?:( sigh.. chalo tum bajao humare liye dholi. I'll come around ..;)

INDYEAH: Tsk tsk. Too late babe. Missed all the stuff, and NOT ONE interesting THING happened to me. At least you got to saw a movie. Me..* bawls*!

MC: Burday boy, I meant the panwaadi outside Amber actually. Did you know he's tight as a coot 6.45 onwards? I'm telling you! Asking him for your Benson and Hedges ka pack sometime after dark and wait tillt he tharra breath hits you! poof!

Pera: yes you, couldn't be, then who, i think bla bla blah ... stole the cookie from the coo--kkk--iiee jar! heh. wassup.

Diva: 'loha!

Brown Girls said...

Manu -- But them Brown girls, in fact, don't sing the blues. Or claim to not sing the blues anyway.

Nimp -- 'V-day' is gone but much belated love sent from Bombay :)

Nimpipi said...

Biji: really the sweetest, you are:)

Mister Crowley said...

I've suffered said panwaari's tharra breath for a year and more...every night on my way to Blues (my former offices were across the road)