Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peddling bloomers

I’m sunburnt and my mug is covered with a multani-mitti face pack. 'Fullers earth with walnut bits'. I love it! -- even though my tingling skin pores overshadow the luxury it is to be home early, feet up, cold coffee down and, best of all, without an editor to stop your sentences eight words ago. Woohoo!

Speaking of which (the woohoo), I bought four dozen roses bought for fifty bucks at a traffic light while driving. I bargained, the light changed and the peddler caved. It was a good deal. The roses haven’t even bloomed. And there are FORTY of them! The chap broke my paanch-saw ka note and flung the flowers onto my dashboard. So even as we speak, red buds are soaking in my shower area. With ripped cellophane and petals dangerously close to unfurling, poor newly-acquired weather-beaten babies are standing in a balti in the loo. Tonight, it's the best I can do. My skin is taut now but energy levels will only peak in the morning. Vases will replace buckets. This, I promise myself. That even if I have to pop an aspirin into their drinking water tomorrow, the dining table will look lovely at lunch.


Indyeah said...

40 roses????
just for that I will not comment on anything else..

I stop at a damn light and all I get is shrivelled ones that look like yesterdays:((

what will you do with 40 roses?for 5o bucks!?

some ppl have all the luck:D

Nimpipi said...

not comment on anything else? And here I thought we had such a loyal building up ;P

chandni said...

as long as u like them and they make u happy :)

I abhor roses!