Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zig zag pooch

There is a breed of dog that is trained to ward off lions.

Did you know this? Me, no. But my father's friend was over to dinner. And he has a dog. The dog is called Jazz. "She looks like a lamb," he says. But since he wasn't carrying Jazz's photos in his wallet, 'google to the rescue.

Fellow beings, the Rhodesian Ridgeback:

Less awww, more wow:

German Shephards and Beagles have slid to second and third place resp. Just LOOK at this animal

Latest addition to Amazon wish list. Woof!


humanobserver said...

I loved the second one very much :)

Han said...

I still love boxers the most.

Though I'd like to get a Jack Russell Terrier.

Indyeah said...

I love beagles the most:)
and my dal:)
but this is so awesome!
my wish list too:D

Nimpipi said...

Human O: hellloo. Loved second one? You mean the pic? (haaan, long live google images:)

Han: Yes, of course, boxers! How could I forget. Pointless trying to choose fav breeds actually. I left out the retrievers. Big farms, big dogs. THAT would be fun! Russell terrier, really..? The Frasier dog? All the better to cock ears with.

Indy: You have a Dal! Fun fun! I read in my trivia feed the other day that they aren't born with their spots. curious shiiit.

manu said...

that a spiffingly good pooch yo! eh that zigzag makes em the harry potter of the woof-world!

AMIT said...

This pics are very good.

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