Friday, July 31, 2009

Nasty lazy-ass habit of not giving up


I disappeared.

Then I figured I wanted to post last day of the month, and notch up July entries to TWO...

I could stop here and this could be a very short post, but that will make you suspect I have run out of steam.

Not true.

I have mangoes to write about. I eat one every eight hours. I’m sure I could go on a lets-romanticise-seasonal-fruit blog post, but humidity tries patience.

Last couple of days I had a friend staying with me. She arrived for a brief visit, got me a year’s supply of make-up, tipped our cook hundred bucks and made a grand exit -- trolley bag in one hand, two buttered toasts in the other. Very quick re-connect. She’s given up smoking after seven years, is running every day, is eating full healthy meals and it shows. I have never seen the woman’s hair look glossy.

Running the risk of romanticising nicotine over mangoes, I tell my friend Cinna the poet this. That we must give up. But we reticent bloggers like to ignore the voice of reason. At work, we go down every day for one measly cigarette sometime early evening. Stroll out of office to get some relatively fresh hair and harass the panwadi for two Benson Lights and some gum. Panwaadi junior will hand over loose change and often reply in English. Panwaadi senior gets very rattled when we change brands. He’s old. He feels his memory is failing when the usual Classic Mild becomes a Marlboro. We’re mean. This is our entertainment. If only we could remember though to carry matches, there would be no hankering after some dude also taking a break who might have a light.


Mudit said...

Long time! 1st to 31st.

You write well. Am a regular visitor. Probably d only regular blog!

Classic Mild sucks! Try Regular instead.

Mangoes!! Ever heard of Malihabad.

Disappearing again, are you?

meineken said...

finally she writes :) girl, don't make people wait so long for their dose of wry. and i haven't heard of any friends-turned-super-healthy make anyone clear away the smoke. what would work be without smoke breaks (even if passively indulged in).

Anonymous said...

just get yourself one of them nifty zippos..and all good on the book front?


Nimpipi said...

Mudit: hellewww. thank you. you are kind. But I am not switching brands ya. I believe I don't HAVE a brand (becasue then I can delude myslef into thinking i'm not REALLY a smoker:)

Malihabad, no, totapuri yes, but langda=eternal favourite:)

Disappearing, no, just bloggign at a lazy pace:)

Meineken: heinji, gyan-giving aunty, where the hell have you been? (yaas yaas, no more waiting. Not when you make me feel so special.

Anon/ dmb: Zippo, no man. Same reason: I don't want to be perceived as a smoker. Plus it's such an enthu boy accessory na, whipping out a zippo.. :)

Book is in limbo. Stuck. Deep frozen. No time. No inspiration. What to do:(

meineken said...

i am here...(now and forever might be stretching it). tum bade log dont have time to meet people anyway. that 'super' friend of ours who lives less than 8 km from my place hasn't had the time yet to catch up. you of course are several flyovers away. but we should we should reunite!

and langda is your fav? am not too fond of it. i like those big yellow ones. i think they're called 'safeda'.

Anonymous said...

Nictone gum to the rescue. but then again the marlboro add campaign - with a cig in my hand i feel like a man!.

On a serious note

and yes denial is not a river in Egypt.
quitting mantra: switch to mild sevens(japanese brand 7-8 mg tar, charcoal filter), reduce frequency, switch to nicotine gums. smooth transition is a must. tried and tested.

- cancer stick connoisseur