Monday, October 26, 2009

White gold (woohooo!) wedding

My friend from work who sits behind me and brings to office curd rice, cinnamon rolls and sambhar chawal for everybody, got married last week, the Hindu and Christian way.

For the past many months, I have been privy to the progress in her plans; the dates, the ceremonies, the court registry, the menu, caterers, the family meetings, the guest list, the card design, the venues, the liquor options, the make-up artiste, the mehndi wallas, the tent wallas, the ladke wallas, the shopping for clothes, shopping for presents, shopping at large, the music at the sangeet, the organ in the church, the bridesmaids, what they'll wear, the visits to the church, the time of the puja, the date of the puja, the friends flying down, the friends planning a bachelorette, the friends being ferried, the Dadis, the Nanis, the Buas, Papa, Amma, the in-laws, the booking of honeymoon tickets, tackling HR for leave, and some 117 other things I've missed.

And now that the functions are done with, everything settled, and the couple wed, the year seems to be over. Either that or sitting at my desk, typing, with no more running around to do, and mehndi rapidly fading off my palms, I'm having withdrawals. The stress, the fun, the chaos, I miss it. I was a bridesmaid, a first. I was on leave, a relief. I didn't have to see the office for a week. The six of us (bridesmaids) wore tuberose tiaras in our hair, posed for photographs, and poked each other in the stomach in spite of the carefully-pleated saris we wore.

Compared to last week, this Monday's a bit of a downer. I wish I could talk about the bachelorette party madness -- another first. The decorations, the games, the dress code, the sangria made in a pressure cooker with diced apple floating on top. I wish you could see the Kamasutra balloons, dotted, inflated and all over the place. I wish more that I could upload snaps and embarrass my newly-made tipsy women friends but who could then hold me to gun point equally. I wish there was just something to look forward to in the same way as a friend's wedding.

I wish I could show you how lovely white and gold looks, how quiet that church was, and how wonderful it is when everyone seated on those benches turns around to look at the bride when she walks down the red carpet, with flowers, father, smile, and all.

The weather was just right. Chiffons were wearable still. Brocades were bright, sleeveless black dresses were out, the lighting was beautiful, the blouses were low cut, hair stylists did their job well and the food was hot and a song called yeh lazy lazy lamhe played at a nightclub. I drank at least one Kingfisher beer every day. I played with my camera a lot. My boyfriend wore a three piece suit with a piano on his tie and played Going To The Chapel and Here Comes The Bride on the keys in the church. I met a lot of people, folded my hands, said namaste often, and generally smiled a lot in spite of my desperately chapped lips which my dermatologist was a side effect from the medicine (Tretiva) he's put me on so that my skin cleared up by this wedding (and it did).

So as far as I was concerned, there was no reason to not have had a great time, and even if I say so myself, I was pretty bang on.


cathatfished said...

awww beautiful :)

Inayat said...

Lovely. Look forward to your own, if you're into that stuff. And I KNOW you've been taking mental notes on everything to replicate/discard at your own.

You're written this well Pip, I like how you can get happy about such stuff. While I'm still at the rolling eyes phase.

Having a camera is the best nah? I heart that most about my privilege. If not embarrassing pictures of new friends atleast show us some of those closeups you've been taking of yourself ; )

Plus major props to you to keep blogging.

Nimpipi said...

Inayat: Thank you, sweet. I like how you're aware that eye rolling is a phase =). i went through a phase where I thought punju music was downmarket, now I dance to it very happily :D
Photos will follow, yes, close ups ke liye facebook is good enough no?:)

The Mystic said...

I wanna attend a Christian wedding too!!