Friday, June 04, 2010

Way-way-wait, you went on a WHAT?!

Last Saturday, boyfriend and I went on a date

It was unintentional

There were supposed to be other people

But they ditched

And we almost turned back

But then we went ahead

Figured how bad could it be..

We're only a couple

(Two years next month)

Maybe it'll be fun to semi-roleplay

So we acted like recently-introduced strangers

We sat in a booth

Table for two

Didn't talk about the traffic

Ordered barbecued chicken wings

Agreed to beer

Looked at each other

Then at the people around

Slid into our new roles

Observed our changed dynamics

And stuck to not talking about the day

No how was work?

Or what did you do?

No update about the latest geek gadget in the market

No gossipy tidbit from me about what happened at work

No mundane exchanges

Defintely no fighting


We tried cerebral

"So!" said one

"So!" parrotted the other


There was nothing to talk about

SO! we smiled a little more

Shrug off the self-conscious

Acted brave

And posed questions you ask people in the movies,

What is your most favourite thing in the world?


Realised the cheesy- quotient

But this was new

So we played along,

I don't know, what is your most favourite thing in the world?

I don't know...


Mm hmmm

For a brief moment, we were the vultures in Jungle Book.

Sort of

But then we lowered the bar

Took some pressure off


What is your tenth most favourite thing in the world?

Took a sip of the beer;

Smiled, looked, answered, exclaimed






We're such winners.

IN a relationship,

ON a date

Flirting with each other

AND conversing!


Janaki said...

Fabulous.. always nice to rediscover the discovery.

Anonymous said...

I like! :)
And I agree.
A little over eight years now, and doing this gets tougher - more so, if you live together.
Oh, and both of have very often been reminded of the vultures. :)

The Bald Guy said...

Good luck! :-)

The Mystic said...

strangers in the night exchanging glances?? nice nice!! :)

The Unbearable Banishment said...

A nice effort but, as you can see, you can't turn back the clock. Once a bell is rung, you can't un-ring it. Lesson learned!

kyknoord said...

Now that you've got the vultures out of your system, you can work on being Pinky and the Brain.

Pueblo girl said...

The vultures song is one of my favourites in the whole world! My parents bought me the record when I was about 8, and I still have it - it's about the only thing saved from my past. I even still play it, from time to time.

Thanks for commenting over at mine.

new york girl (number 2) said...

it's amusing that everyone else on this comment thread thinks that nimpipi was making some kind of sincere comment on lost time in a relationship/rediscovering your partner. actually nimpips was just being her amazing snarky self. miss you man! saw that you;d taken yourself off fb and thought of this blog. it made me laugh.